Why start an online marketing business

“If you’re not online, you don’t exist!”
6 – 7 years ago I used to hear this expression a lot, especially from people in the West, and nothing could be truer. In light of the changes in the world, it has somehow become mandatory for any business to make sure it’s on the social media map.

For many people, it’s very clear where the online world is heading. Here I’m referring specifically to paid promotion or Advertising of businesses in the online space.

It’s been a few years now since giants like Google and Facebook have stabilized the market for advertising and content distribution platforms.

A lot of barriers have been broken, paradigms have changed. And that, in today’s environment, is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to get their business in front of the right audience at a fraction of the cost of what advertising was 15-20 years ago.

In an age where almost everything happens online, everyone has a mobile device with internet access. So it’s clear that presence and promotion, whether free or paid, needs to exist for any business. That wants to succeed, of course.

With the pandemic, so many entrepreneurs were caught unprepared, they didn’t adapt. As a result, a number of them went out of business or changed fields simply because they didn’t exist online.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still find themselves in the situation where their business presence does not exist online at all or at best, they have a minimal presence and may have tried some methods of promotion, but to no real avail.

The fact that the folks at Facebook have made their Advertising platform available for free (except for ad budgets) to anyone who wants to promote their business has opened the door to new opportunities, for any type of business. Benefit also available to those who want to offer related services such as those in the online marketing sphere. In addition, the advertising option is accessible to everyone, as for some ads, the minimum budget starts from 5 RON per day.

Marketing and advertising agencies have been around since the beginning of time. Twenty years ago if you wanted to promote products or services you either had a specialised marketing department in your business or you used a specialised marketing agency. Usually the whole operation involved a lot of financial effort and the risk was commensurate.

Now everything happens on a much smaller scale, much more controllable, and the risk can be greatly diminished. And the best part is that now even small and medium-sized businesses have access to such tools without huge financial efforts.

Along with these changes, the market for business promotion services has also changed. Services have become very niche, so that now there are agencies that specialise only in online marketing and we can go even more granular, such as services specialising in paid advertising on Facebook, Google Ads or Social Media Management.

What is certain is that a lot of opportunities and a whole new market of services has been created. For those who can see them.

The challenge is that very many of the people offering these services either don’t know exactly what they’re doing or are delivering very poor results for their clients. They don’t do it out of ill will, but simply haven’t had the opportunity to learn how they should work effectively and bring stable, tangible results.

In short, we face 2 challenges:

  1. The need for any business, regardless of industry, to have an online presence and promotion. As I said above, we live in the age of digitalisation. According to a study by statista.com, in 2020 more than 2 billion people will have bought products or services online, and the e-commerce market has passed $4.2 trillion globally. During the pandemic period, the global e-commerce market grew by more than 25%.
  2. The number of businesses that can offer such specialized services (which is small relative to the businesses that need these services) often fails to deliver the desired results. This is due to the huge gap in formal education: there are few (if any) specialised courses on entrepreneurship education in Universities. Another reason is the small number of courses/workshops that teach you how to offer online marketing services and how to effectively promote a business.

Now do you see the opportunities I mentioned above?

For those who want to make a change, this could be the ideal opportunity.

You may be wondering if what I’ve told you applies to you and if you can take advantage of this wave. That is, to open a business that offers paid promotion services on Facebook and Instagram.

The answer is simple: in this world, including Romania, there are so many businesses that are not yet promoting themselves online or are promoting themselves very badly, that there is extremely much room for you and your agency.

In addition, every year tens of thousands of new companies are created in Romania that need promotion to sell their products. There are more than 110,000 new companies created in 2020 alone, and in 2021 we had a 73.6% increase in newly created companies compared to the previous year (source:termene.ro).

The pandemic has also played a big role in the business world. Companies that were predominantly physically present realized that they had to change something or else they would disappear from the market.

So they found themselves in the situation where they had to urgently pivot towards digitalization and an online presence, but statistically speaking, 50% of companies in Romania do not have a presentation website. It is expensive to create a website and it takes quite a long time (plus the financial investment) to be discovered on Google. On the other hand, Facebook Pages are easy to use and in a few minutes you can have your business published online. And for promotion, with paid Facebook Ads you have instant access to results.

Although we’re mostly talking about Romania, all strategies can be replicated in other geographical locations.

Even though there are already agencies helping other businesses promote themselves on Facebook and Instagram, many of these aren’t doing a great job either.

That’s basically how I got my first clients, at the ad agency I own.

I am Vlad Niță, founder of unosoft.ro and author of the DoAds Like a Pro course. In all these years I have gone through all possible stages, from Facebook employee to full time entrepreneur.

My relationship with online marketing started in 2015, when I moved to Lisbon and worked as Operations Manager at Facebook, but after 2 years as an employee, I realized I wanted more. So I started on the entrepreneurial path and founded DoAds Agency.

To date, we have helped more than 300 clients and managed marketing budgets of over 10 million euros.

Most of the clients who come to us have had other agency or freelance collaborations in the past, but without the desired results. Facebook Ads is not a simple subject unless you learn to do them by the book. This is why many other agencies fail to bring results to clients.

It’s simple: all you have to do is deliver good results for your clients, and they will keep you as a contributor for a very long time. Guaranteed.

Most businesses, whether we’re talking restaurants, online or offline stores, local service businesses, don’t have a specialized marketing department and prefer to outsource this side of promotion to experts. Experts who could bring them better results and even at lower costs than they could. Anyone can become an expert if they have the right resources to learn from.

You too now have a unique opportunity to fill this huge need for businesses to run effective ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, to promote their products and services in the online space, a space too little explored by too few businesses in Romania.

This need that most businesses have, is a recurring need, month after month , day after day. You can now be the one who successfully fills this need in the market, and the market will reward you with your “weight in gold” if you do a great job.

You have a chance to earn month after month, day after day, a share of the success you bring to your customers.

That’s all your online marketing and advertising agency needs to do, to help other businesses effectively promote their products and services through the online medium and specifically on Facebook and Instagram.

I want to bust a myth right off the bat.

A lot of people think that having an advertising agency is hard and you have to have a lot of employees, but that’s not really the case.

Having an online advertising agency is one of the most handy things anyone can do on their own.

As proof of this, there’s myself, who started out on my own in 2017 and over time managed to grow the business and have employees. That’s how I ended up being able to take on a lot more clients.

All you need to start your own advertising agency in the online world is a lot of determination and the right mindset to really deliver value to your clients.

But most of all, to want to learn how to do this business and persevere in life.

The point is that anyone can succeed in this kind of business if they are determined and passionate enough.


The good thing is that you can skip many steps and learn from the experience or mistakes of others who have already been successful in this field.

And you can start by learning all about how to create your business from 0 in Facebook & Instagram Ads.

What’s the next step?

Lorand Soares Szasz and I are hosting a FREE webinar together, where you’ll learn the concrete steps you need to take for a turnkey business.

What do you learn concretely at the webinar?

  • How you can open a marketing agency at almost zero cost
  • What exactly does a marketing agency do
  • How to run a profitable business with minimal investment
  • Everything a marketing agency does and how to promote effectively with Facebook Ads
  • How to attract your first clients and reach recurring revenues of 300-1000 Euro, even in the first months
  • What is the most effective monetization model for a marketing agency
  • How big is the opportunity for this type of business, looking at concrete figures in the market.

Who is the webinar for?

If you find yourself in one of the situations below then this webinar is definitely for you:

  • You are a student and you are passionate about marketing or you want to have your own business
  • You are an Entrepreneur who wants to open other businesses
  • Want to become an entrepreneur
  • You are employed and want more independence and financial freedom
  • You already work as a marketer and want to increase your customer base
  • You want to become an expert in online marketing, even if you have no experience at all

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