What is User Experience / UX?

Things to remember about UX

Make sure your product or service is useful

Just because a product or service has a good User Experience doesn’t mean people will use it. First and foremost, make sure the product or service is useful and that the target audience needs it.

It’s important to understand your target audience

UX requires a deep understanding of the user: their needs, desires, behaviors, and the context in which they will use a product/service. The ability to empathise and understand user needs is essential for UX designers.

UX is a continuous process

To meet consumer needs, the UX process of platforms, products and services must keep pace with new consumer expectations as the industry changes.

The UX process must take into account the needs of the business

To create useful and practical solutions, it is important to find a balance between the goals and needs of the users and the business. It makes no sense to have a product that people love if it doesn’t help achieve a business goal.

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