What is SEO and why is it important to start with a strategy developed specifically for your business?

You’ve heard and seen the phrase SEO many times. What does SEO mean? It’s short for “search engine optimization“, which means “search engine optimization“.

When we say search engines, most of us implicitly think of Google, which is confirmed by the fact that over 90% of internet searches use this search engine.

The expression SEO optimization, which is a repetition, in the sense of reinforcing the detail that defines this field: the main purpose of SEO actions is to improving online visibility.

The SEO effort encompasses both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the traffic a website receives through organic search engine results. Why they are called organic results? Because they are 100% a consequence of user activity, they represent preview lists of web pages and are generated by the search engine algorithm. They are not paid, they occur naturally, so organically.

This general information is useful for information purposes. To use SEO effectively for your website you need more. You need to build a customised strategy based on the characteristics of your business.

Founding the SEO strategy for your business is a priority, and you need to plan this stage right at the start, when you are laying the foundations for your management journey and setting your short, medium and long-term development goals.

How to start an SEO strategy for your business

Once you have set your marketing goals, extract from your short list of priorities those areas that relate to your business’ online presence and that can be measured in quantitative (volume, frequency) and qualitative (hits, conversions, etc.) terms.

Based on these criteria you initiate preliminary analysis of your website, online shop and accounts on social networks, Google Maps and other business platforms. Scan the competition, put customers under the microscope and identify those phrases used in most of the search engine searches. These are the keywords relevant to your business that you need to keep in mind when detailing your SEO strategy.

The actions outlined are part of the SEO audit needed to start a successful campaign. They are carried out using professional SEO tools (especially data analytics) and specialists in analysing the performance parameters of websites.

Based on the optimization opportunities identified in the “online business X-ray” you will implement the SEO strategy that will lead to increased sales and business development.

How to tailor an SEO strategy to be just right for your business

In implementing your SEO strategy you rely on 4 basic directions: technical SEO actions (which are related to site management), writing original content, implementing link building and aggregating research actions (keywords, SEO monitoring, reporting).

It’s important to take a personalised approach to these courses of action to ensure that your message reaches your customers and that you succeed in communicating the business differentiators that make you stand out in the marketplace and turn the purchase of your products into memorable experiences for users.

To do this you need to create a buyer persona, i.e. a generic profile of your business’s customers. Consider the demographics, lifestyle and consumption behaviours of your target audiences.

Use the details obtained about customers, competitors and the market to design a website and/or online store that is appropriate to the needs and expectations of the users. Emphasize the SEO friendliness of the product pages, images and text you place on the online platforms you operate.

Your brand identity needs to be strongly represented across all online channels: website, social media, local SEO, etc. You can achieve this through a series of actions that put your marketing, technical, SEO and sales departments seriously to work:

  • Establish in detail what your brand’s visual identity is online and what elements your messages should contain (logo, colours, favicon, logo, image carousel, etc.);
  • Review the website theme and create a custom design, whereby you shape your website content to increase conversion rates;
  • Combine SEO strategies with paid media, content marketing and native advertising;
  • Consider the evolution towards mobile internet traffic and customer preference for mobile apps and wearable devices (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop).

Get started on the road to business success with a customized SEO strategy to help you promote your brand, improve online visibility, and sustainably increase sales of your products and services.

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