What is reCAPTCHA and why is it important?

3. Why would a website need to distinguish humans from bots?

In short, this security system protects page administrators from spam. Spam is an unsolicited comment, post or message that usually comes from a bot, usually with irrelevant text or an unwanted link (including hacking or phishing attempts).

At best, such a message is annoying and wastes your time for nothing. At worst, it can compromise the security of your computer or phone, lose information or give others access to your information.

Besides the classic spam, there are other important reasons to mention:

  • Computer system performance. A system besieged by “bots” can be slowed down, which affects real visitors
  • User and password access security. A CAPTCHA system can prevent, among other complementary measures, “brute force” cyber attacks
  • Avoiding wasted marketing budgets. Yes, some companies have created bots specifically to click on competitors’ digital marketing campaigns to waste their online advertising budget.

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