What is and what is not marketing?

Marketing is a complex process

Starting from identifying the target market and continuing through product or service development, attracting customers, building customer loyalty to the brand and completing an order, the marketer will be present at every stage of business implementation and development.

A marketer’s work is based on a set of specific concepts

The most important concepts in marketing are: segmentation, targeting, positioning, identifying needs, wants and demand, marketing campaigns, brand, customer value and satisfaction, transaction, relationships and social networks (not only online), marketing and distribution channels, competition, marketing environment, marketing programs.

Marketing is about people

Consumer psychology and understanding play an important role in a marketer’s work. He or she uses the tools at hand to assess the needs and wants that are constantly emerging. Market analyses, the creation of customer personas and constant evaluations give him broad market insights.

Marketing is about consumer needs

One of the roles of marketing is to sense consumers’ unfulfilled desires, before they become aware of them, and create solutions for that market. Most of the time, people don’t realize what they need until a product or service comes along that makes their lives easier.

Need creates opportunities, opportunities create solutions, and solutions create demand. So how can marketing be all about products and not people?

Marketing is both science and art

Marketing is science, skill, creativity, exploration and of course, work.

The analytical parts are combined with the creative parts to deliver effective results. Marketers use research, analysis, economics and strategy to moderate and direct a business. To support these tools, creativity, vision, insight and understanding are needed.

Marketing is a good investment

Effective marketing will bring more revenue to a business, not drain it of resources. Many entrepreneurs see marketing as the first component of a business that they can remove in the event of budget cuts. One of the roles of the marketing team is to attract new customers and penetrate new markets.

So it’s ineffective marketing that’s a hole in the business budget, not the department itself.

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