What is a wireframe and why is it important for a new website?

Haven’t you heard of a wireframe before? Or have you, but you’re not clear enough what it is? Let’s find out together what a wireframe is and why it’s important in creating a website.

A website, like any other marketing tool, should not be structured haphazardly. It should be part of a plan, it should be one of the pieces of the puzzle built to achieve your business goals. Along with all the other business and marketing details, the website should address your customers or partners in a relevant way.

Inform them, educate them, persuade them, lead them to a decision. And all of this must be done in a way that creates the best possible visitor experience (Ux – user experience) and visually supports the brand.

A website is simple to make. But how do you make a good website? You start with a wireframe.

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