What is a lead, a qualified lead and why should you care about lead generation?

Why is it still important to generate leads online?

A pre-qualified lead from online is a relatively easy sell. The prospect is already interested in your offerings, you just need to introduce them to your products/services and make sure they have a pleasant experience if they decide to make a purchase. But on top of that, there are some indirect benefits:

  • You’re targeting genuinely interested customers – it’s easy to stay relevant to those who need your products or services, and promotional costs can drop significantly because you’re targeting a specific audience.
  • You gain brand awareness – because you speak directly to those who are interested, the chances of them remembering you and even recommending you to others increases considerably.
  • You create a database – contacts of interested parties can help you in future promotions, remarketing campaigns. You can even upsell and encourage your old customers to come back for a new order.

Be careful though – it’s easy to become tiresome for potential customers. Make sure you don’t “bombard” them with repetitive and frequent messages that give them the impression that they are obliged to buy from you.

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