Creating the Best Website Content Strategy

Creating the Best Website Content Strategy

The online environment is a tricky one.

You see all kinds of great things going on, but you are not quite sure how it works.

Often times, the same goes for when somebody wants to bring its online presence upfront. If you feel like you can bring lots of value to people through your products and/or services, then you need to adopt a website content strategy.

What will this do for you?

Essentially, it will fill all the missing gaps and propel you towards a stable engagement routine.

Remember the last time you saw a video that you did not really feel like watching, but it just was so interesting that you had to? That is what we are talking about.

content for website

Content is Everywhere!

Whether it has a commercial, educational, or plain informational purpose, content is everywhere. It is the very essence of what the internet is today. According to HubSpot’s “Not Another State of Marketing Report” as much as 70% of businesses are in the content marketing business.

You can bet they are not going away for a long time. It is continually proved that using the right strategy will bring more people to your website.

Now, we understand that all these sound all fun and good, but you still cannot identify exactly what one should do.

First of all, you should hire professionals. This is not a one-man job. And further, we will try to explain to our best capabilities what goes into a website content strategy.

Before anything else is settled, you and your team have to decide who you are speaking to.

Choose your target audience.

target audience content

Most of the time, it has already been chosen by the types of services and products you plan to sell or already are providing. One extremely important detail is that it is very okay to address multiple audiences.

People have all sorts of interests, and some of them might coincide. Even if they do not, have separate proposals for their different needs.

Ideally, you have to present to them what problems you will solve for them. Some campaigns are even smart enough to create a new need that they did not even think about it in the first place.

Also, do not forget the people who are already using your products or services.

Cater to them as well.

Why bother to bring them here in the first place if you cannot have their loyalty?

Your brand has to shine in the allowed time you are presenting yourself. Whether you do it directly and speak about your company or through a more story folded approach, make sure to tell people why you are unique.

Are you better?

If it really is true, say it clear.

Are you just offering a different approach that some might like better? That is perfectly fine as well. Let them know. When all this is settled, your website content strategy is bound to eventually use some, if not all, of these channels:

  • Blog posts – written content. In-depth explanations. It might even be told in the manner of a story. Make sure to create a good cliffhanger.
  • E-books – are, arguably, created just like blog posts but in with a whole lot more content in them. Basically, books.
  • Infographics – everybody loves them. It just shows exactly how things have gone upwards or downwards with time or during certain events. Very easy to digest and usually hit home-run most the time.
  • Videos – the most appealing of all. Videos are things in motion. Pitch the right ideas, and people will remember what you wanted to convey to them for years to come.
  • Podcasts – although not a brand-new invention, they started to catapult in popularity in the last couple of years. Almost every big podcast has advertising inside it. The fact that they usually have a cult following makes sure that they will listen about the products presented as well.

Social Media

social media content

Your website will be your main headquarter, but social media is a place where you just have to be present.

The potential found there is limitless.

A great thing is that you can always send people from social platforms towards your website and the other way around as well.

Offer different types of activities and calls-to-action on your social media.

A good website content strategy will work on this aspect and finesse lots of details in regards to what relations will there be between you and your profiles.

Sometimes, a piece of content can just be optimized for all the other platforms. There is no need to overthink things.

Keeping it simple might turn out to be the best solution.

keep it simple

Here is an exact example. Say you created a video for a commercial campaign. You could just keep the core bone and transform the video ratio into one that would fit a desired social platform.

The most prominent ones are:

  • Instagram – uses all audiovisual formats.
  • Facebook – uses all audiovisual formats
  • Twitter – mostly relies on delivering information via text.
  • LinkedIn – a platform created to connect professional individuals only in a business-like manner.
  • Pinterest – heavily relies on pictures.
  • Snapchat – uses short videos and photos.
  • YouTube – is used for videos of all kinds. Lengths can vary from just a few seconds to more than 24 hours.

End Results

When a website content strategy is successfully implemented, you are surely bound to be given a huge set of information.

Things such as how well your brand is perceived and even how well your marketing plan has worked.

These statistics should only be considered as positive because you can adjust accordingly.

Sometimes, a campaign will be extremely successful. Other times, it will need some further finessing.

One thing is for sure: you will 100% have a better understanding of your surroundings and what people like and dislike.

When you hit the sweet spot, and with a great team you will, you will also convert viewers into buyers. Some might even turn out to become loyal sustainable ones.

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