Web Development VS Computer Science

Web Development VS Computer Science

Some people might throw in these two in the same bowl on the basis that they are both jobs that use computers. While this is true, almost all similarities end here.

We will further present to you what exactly the characteristics of each branch.

Web development is, obviously, the work required to create a website for the World Wide Web or even an intranet (a private internal network).

By now, you have experienced thousands of websites, so you know that some of them are amazing, interactive, and you want to spend a lot of time there, while others are kind of plain, boring, and you do not really remember their address.

So, a good web developer makes sure to bring you the first mentioned experience.

The good one.

The “Man, do I spend a lot of time on that website!” one.

In a more technical description, this part is more commonly referred to as the non-designs aspects of the site, but some people have those skills also.

They are able to achieve these feats through their master of coding languages. The type of language they use depends on what are the tasks at hand. This industry is in very high demand.

As proof of it, you are reading this article right now.

Computer Science

On the other hand, computer science is a very broad field.

It studies the processes that interact with data, and that will be represented in the form of a program.

Surely, programs are also very familiar for you, and just like before, some are amazing while some are laggy and annoying. The backbones of this industry usually are algorithms.

They are a finite sequence of implementable instructions give to a computer in order to manipulate and represent data in the desired way. For example, that extremely beautiful and engaging video game you played last night is almost entirely made out of mathematical calculations of this sort.

Of course, the artistic sense is also needed, but the wheels are spinning through algorithms. The tricky part is to always improve existing codes in order to keep up with human requests.

That is how industries improve and evolve.

How to Get Into Web Design

If the idea of hopping onto the train of web designing sounds good to you, then you might want some info about where to start.

At first, even if it sounds good, you might get a bit overwhelmed by the concept of creating everything from scratch.

So many gears that need to be really well oiled in order to work fine together… But do not get discouraged! Everybody had to start somewhere. You will get familiar with every instrument out there in around 12 months. It is not extremely hard, but you surely have to put in the work hours in order to learn.

Start with WordPress

Some developers suggest starting your journey with a WordPress website. They have the best content management systems available at the moment. It should be really easy to get into.

All you need to do is to buy a domain (will explain in the next paragraph), a hosting server, and install WordPress in the cPanel area. The best way of learning things is to just start doing them.

You are surely bound to make mistakes, but pay attention, and you will learn from them.

Now, to make things a bit clearer, an internet domain is the identification string that helps direct a user towards the desired place.

They are unique and very important. If they are short and concise, they will bring you a lot more visitors as they are easy to remember and type. The great ones are also more expensive. It’s only natural. Quality costs.

They were invented in order to avoid big numerical addresses. Think about having to always type 0101200120241 instead of Yahoo.com.

Create Personal Projects

Getting back on track, you should start doing personal projects before anything else.

Finding clients should wait until after you have mastered at least a coding language. By playing with websites, you will learn basics things such as installing themes, plugins, and other things.

With time, you will train your eye for the finer things as well. Things such as how smooth the website runs.

You will start asking yourself things like, “Is it as efficient on a mobile device?”.

Remember to keep track of your backlog of projects. That way, you will be able to see how much you have improved with time. You have to always put in some daily hours for mastering your new skill.

Read tons of articles about relevant subjects in this industry. If you want to read more about the role of a Web Developer you can read it here. Always pay attention to the best SEO practices and the newest add-ons available.

It is extremely important to have HTML, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge, as well. It depends a lot on what type of developer do you want to become, but knowing bits from every department will surely save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

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