What Do Video Marketing Services Achieve?

What Do Video Marketing Services Achieve?

Videos have always been one of the most engaging ways of attracting people even since before the era of the internet.

But now, more than ever, every business should hop on the video marketing services train as the benefits are unquestionable.

Platforms such as YouTube have offered incredible liberty when it comes to creating awareness.

It does not matter if you are a freelancer, a brand-new start-up, or a household name.

You need video content regardless of the case.

Why? People love them.


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In the latest years, video streaming numbers have rocketed like never before.

What will an audiovisual piece do for you? It will attract potential clients. The ultimate goal being their conversion into sales or leads.

Text and images are really helpful. No one disagrees, but they are not able to give a viewer the final push he needs to make a decision.

If they keep reading for a few minutes with nothing special coming their way, they will get bored. By doing so, you have lost a potential customer forever.

Now, what do you think would happen if along with the images and text, there would be a concise 1 or 2 minute video?

Well, according to T-Sciences, humans process videos thousands of times faster than other means. So, the viewer will be more interested in what you have to present, with a high chance of turning into a paying client.

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Why Video marketing services?

Videos also have one more important quality: they are very shareable.

With the function of sharing being implemented on all social platforms, viewers are just one step away from posting it within their own community. Who knows who might like your video?

Sometimes, you are one click away from becoming viral. According to Amplomedia, people are 39% more likely to share your content if it is delivered via video.

This further expands into more traffic.

People coming naturally from places such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, will result in more and more traffic. As the positive circle continues, you will also start to rank higher and higher in your SEO rank.

Search engines will start to put you on the first page more than ever before. Not having strong video marketing services should not even be an option. This is something that just has to be embraced in order to grow.

Keep in mind that the prices to run an online campaign are a lot smaller than one found on television. Inversely proportional, the results are much more efficient in the internet environment.

Not only that, but statistics can be carefully monitored 24/7 in real-time. The very few cents you are going to pay per view have guaranteed results. In fact, you are charged after a view or click has occurred.

The only thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have an engaging campaign in order to turn visitors into paying customers. According to PR Daily, 64% of consumers are likely to purchase something after watching online videos.

In the same matter, landing page conversion can be improved by up to an outstanding 83%. Some even use the tactic of sending videos through e-mail. According to AB Tasty, this can result in a 300% increase in click-through rates. With all this being said, you know you got lots of options.

Types of video marketing services

Here are some of the types of videos a professional agency can offer to you:

  • Promotional videos.
  • Video sales letters.
  • Animated videos.
  • Social media optimized videos.
  • Video voice-overs.
  • Etc.

Great examples of video marketing

Besides all the great statistical benefits you will gain, you can also create the desired image for you and your brand.

Sometimes, legacy might prove to be way more valuable in the long run. Give people leverage and value, and you will create a bond between them and your company.

Some might even dare to try and build a cult-like community. Take, for example, a sneakers (streetwear) company that releases a certain shoe model, in a certain colorway, at a very specific time, and in a very limited amount.

What do you think will happen? If the brand image has been efficiently and soulfully created, then the stock will go out just in a few minutes. That is what happens when a new pair of Air Jordan 1s are released with a new collaboration.

motivational nike video

Yes, Nike is an enormous company, but even they had to start somewhere.

There lots of other great examples from other industries.

Take a look at product releases from Apple.

For a long time now, people started seeing having Apple products as a culture in itself.

Of course, their products are absolutely amazing, and yours should be too. But do you know what they also have at the very peak level?

Their video marketing services. Everything in their videos is finessed to the smallest possible details.

There is nothing in an Apple commercial that has not been thoroughly analyzed and optimized before showing it to the world. If something seems like it was just put there by mistake, you can bet even that was planned beforehand.

A great tactic some companies use are videos where their product or services are barely put into plain sight, but the story and the images convey all they want to say about what they can offer.

At the end of it, they show their logo, and if the story touched you, you would forever have that connection in mind.

Whenever you see their brand, you will think of that story that touched you.

You might even have already bought a product from them and have it with you that very moment. These types of approaches make you stand out and create a very loyal following.

Powerful marketing can make people decide their mind just based on the general image of the brand.

Say that you are on equal terms with your competition when it comes to the quality of your products.

Guess what can set you apart and put you on top? The way people feel when they see your logo.

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