Tracking code – what it is and why you need it on your website

Why is a tracking code important?

Here are some questions that are very difficult to answer without a tracking code and an Analytics platform: How many people completed an order? Where do these people come from? Who are these people, what are their demographics? How far do they go before they place an order? How many times have they seen an ad or how many times have they logged in before buying something? What kind of products do they buy from the site, in what quantities?

Having as much insight as possible into your users’ actions will help you understand their needs and behaviour much better. Evaluating them in relation to the site gives you insight into their interests. Based on the analysis, you’ll find out which products or services they’re most interested in, which blog posts they read or which page they spend the most time on.

For example, you can implement a tracking code in your newsletter form. This setting will generate information about the number of users who have subscribed to your site as a result of campaigns set up for this option.

Remarketing campaigns, for example, aim to bring back to your site those who have already contacted your brand. It’s much easier to open a conversation with someone who already knows you, isn’t it?

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