Strategies, ideas and examples for business

Strategies, ideas and examples for business

Although we’ve held webinars on this topic and mentioned post ideas & ads many times, it’s time to have a dedicated article telling about TikTok marketing for your business.

TikTok is a channel that is becoming impossible to ignore.

But like other platforms, its effectiveness depends on the strategy you adopt and the audience you target.

So let’s see what you can do on TikTok for business, organic, but also paid, plus elements and tips to keep in mind to optimize your strategy and the results you get.

Contents TikTok Marketing: Strategies for Business

Statistics & trends you need to know about TikTok

According to Datareportal.comin Romania you have an audience of over 7.58 million TikTok users. The largest audience category is built by young people, 18-24 years old, followed by those between 25 and 34 years old. The following age groups have a much smaller share.

Interestingly, of this audience, 50.9% are men, and 49.1% women.

The same data show that TikTok ads reached 46.8% of all adults over 18 in Romania in early 2023.


Another thing to consider is that many tiktoks are taken from the platform and distributed by various creators on all the other social media channels – reels on Instagram and Facebook, shorts on YouTube, including pins on Pinterest.

So your videos have the potential to reach much larger audiences, by default by voluntarily expanding on TikTok, but also by being redistributed by your audience to other channels.

A basic feature of being successful on TikTok is to keep in mind best practices related to account, post and ad optimization such as early adoption of trends related to background music or use subtitles on video.

From there on it all depends on your creativity and imagination.

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Effective methods if you are just starting to use TikTok

#Familiarize yourself with the platform: Create and optimize your account

  • Business account in the right category – Once you have the app on your phone, it’s super easy to create an account, which you can then change from the settings to a business account. Choose the relevant category for your services from the start.
  • Avatar image – constant is the best solution – use your business logo, just like you do on the other channels you promote yourself on.
  • Description – You have 80 characters to describe your business as concisely as possible, preferably focusing on your USP.
  • Link / link in bio – on TikTok you can only add one URL in your bio, so use it wisely. Instead of simply directing people to the homepage, you can send them to a landing page with your offers for products mentioned in tiktoks or even to a hub with a lead generation form. You can also use tools for link aggregation in your bio, such as Linktree or Koji.
  • Playlist – Some business accounts have the ability to sort videos in the channel into different playlists. When you have this option, you can organize your account more easily.
  • User name / link – preferably, use your domain name, to be easily recognizable.


#Best practices for TikTok Business

  • Don’t just start posting random videos. Start with your audience, and the content that is most appealing to the segments you are targeting. In relation to this audience, you’ll need to quickly establish what kind of goal you want to achieve with your posts and ads, because it’s not always about selling: you may want engagement, trust generation, awareness, contact data capture or a first proof of intent to buy by accessing a star product.
  • Add engaging descriptions to every tiktok you create + hashtags = this is how you influence the platform algorithm. The more engagement you get on your posts, the more likely you are to be featured in the “For You” pages.
  • Use a custom hashtag with every post, but also 2-3 hashtags relevant to the type of tiktok posted.
  • Include popular and trending sounds in your tiktoks, all in order to increase the visibility of your posts, BUT don’t break copyright laws.
  • Collaborate with other users in your niche: make videos or promotions together.
  • Interact with your audience – Respond to messages and comments, and constantly thank them for being with you.
  • Keep track of what your competition is doing, including on TikTok. It’s essential to see how they promote themselves here, to spot gaps in their strategy, but also ideas for you to do things better on your own account.
  • You really need a long-term content plan and timeline. Don’t hope for a one-hit wonder, with one super viral post, because that rarely happens. Use your content plan to keep your audience’s attention on you and actively promote your TikTok account on the other channels you are active on.

Post ideas to grow your TikTok Business account

  • Show the inspiration behind your productswhether you create them yourself or not.
  • Show behind-the-scenes moments: the day at the office, colleagues, the warehouse, preparing orders, creating products, etc.


  • Share customer stories, starting from a comment, for example, or videos made and sent by your customers, interesting stories etc.
  • To get the WOW effect on every post, try to arouse emotions through controversy, shock, a narrative thread and good editing (good lighting, dynamic transition between frames etc.).
  • Super Bridge: film your screen as you place an order on the site, quickly go to checkout and apply a coupon to show them in real time how the basket price drops. At the beginning of the video, for the hook, you can make a statement about the discount code you are going to use.
  • Don’t expect to get direct sales from TikTok, unless you have low priced products on sale. Promote these heavily as star products and attract people to the site, where they can also see options for bundles, bundles or cross-sell product recommendations.


How to prepare your advertising strategy on TikTok – Formula Spy with my little eye

  • Find exactly those tiktoks that your customers already interact well with.

Search by keywords related to your niche, interest or product > filter results by most recent and most popular > choose the tiktoks displayed first.


    • Model your video ads after viral content – Keep in mind the descriptions used, the approach in the video, their duration, hashtags, hooks used, dimensions, subtitles, etc. It is important to spend some time analysing these posts to discover what can inspire you and what you can replicate.
    • Watch out for ad fatigue – it doesn’t work to run a single ad for weeks on end. Interest on TikTok drops even faster than on other channels.
    • Create tiktoks, not ads!!!

Tips for your creative on TikTok

  • Keep the video short – 25-35 seconds
  • Edit between multiple scenes
  • Uses large subtitles, easily visible
  • Use sounds that trigger the release of dopamine – trending tracks, familiar notification sounds from different apps, etc.
  • Inserts UI elements that people are already used to (e.g. messaging notifications, comment sticker).
  • Use trends – interview with yourself, challenge, green screen effect, reactions, lists, unboxing, duets, step by step tutorial.
  • Test with at least 4 different video variations and 4 different ad variations.
  • Test purchase intent.
  • Do not insert text in the last quarter of the screen, will be covered by description, hashtags and CTAs.
  • Add phrases and call-to-action methods throughout the video, not just at the end!


Tools that make your life easier for marketing on TikTok

  • Use built-in analytics to discover the right posting times when your audience is active.
  • TikTok Video Scheduler – you can also schedule videos 10 days in advance.
  • TikTok Creative Center – here you see the latest trends, case studies etc.
  • CapCut – video editor, complete with trending stickers, custom fonts, etc.
  • TikTok Pixel – All you have to do is take the code from your account and add it to the app in unosoft to connect it to the store.
  • ChatGPT, Javier, Writesonic, CopySmith – AI tools for generating text content to use in descriptions or scripts for your videos.
  • ForUsApps – TrendTok – Tool for monitoring trends near you.

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TikTok Marketing for business starts with organic strategy.

Consistency, persistence and flexibility in creating posts will help you create effective tiktoks for the goals you set.

Remember, though, that people rarely buy at the first point of contact. Use the network mainly to attract attention, gain trust, get data and arouse interest in bestselling products.

The goal is for all of these actions to encourage the audience to get into your online store. Because there you have other tools and methods to convince people to buy and become loyal to you.

Good luck implementing and follow us on TikTokbecause we are there with you too!

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