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Have you heard of Facebook Ads but don’t know what it is?

Facebook Ads is an ad format that takes the form of a commercial link on the relevant social network. Originally, an ad on Facebook Ads consisted of a 25-character headline, a 135-character minimum description and an image. The ad usually appears to the right of the pages being viewed.

When deciding to create a Facebook Ads campaign, you need to take into account several elements: objectives, structure, target audience, budget, display location… if you have anticipated all these elements, there is no reason why your campaign should not have measurable results.

Define a set of clear objectives

To have a Facebook Ads sponsored campaign you need to list clear and measurable goals. Either you use social media agencies for this or you do it yourself, the goals are as follows:

  • Awareness: this objective is closely related to brand and/or product visibility;
  • Conversion: the goal is to convert customers, to sell more;
  • Consideration: this involves increasing the level of community engagement;

Integrating the campaign into your overall strategy

Need Facebook Ads services? Then you should think carefully about the benefits of opting for a Facebook Ads campaign and how you can integrate it into your overall strategy. Something that will help you to have a lot of benefits, to harmonise and clarify your discourse.

Set your target audience

Facebook’s strength lies in its database: users share a lot of things, Facebook collects data and thus knows their daily life, preferences, interests, issues that hold their attention. The success of a Facebook campaign depends largely on the relevance of the target audience (who is your target audience, what are their expectations, what do they think of your offer, what are the keywords, what tools do they use to get information).


You can choose to set a daily budget or a budget for the whole campaign. Our recommendation is to opt for a daily budget.

Stimulate internet users to take action

On social media, it’s important to be clear in your expression and expectations. You need to make your goals clear to your users.

Write a relevant message

Write a clear, relevant and brief message. You need to think about the fact that the message should be readable from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Be creative, try to engage your target audience through both text and images.

Create a dedicated page

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign you should have a landing page on your website in mind, to avoid sending users to a page that is too general.

Analyze statistics

The last step to keep in mind when running a Facebook Ads campaign is to frequently analyze your stats, always check your choices and adjust them as needed. Narrow your audience: pay per click, by location, age, device, etc.

Now that you have enough information about Facebook Ads, all you have to do is try your own campaign.

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