SEO for e-commerce: How do you grow your online store starting with SEO services?

Have you started an online business like the other 80% of entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business world? Already in business for a while and want to take the big step into e-commerce? Here’s how to organise your online shop with SEO services.

Optimise your e-commerce site

To stand out among your competitors, you need to have a high-performing website, reach out to qualified leads, which will bring more sales online and therefore more revenue into your business.

Follow the steps for proper and effective e-commerce optimization:

  • Identify those keywords relevant to Google searches;
  • Implements keywords in company website, e-commerce platform, blog and social media posts;
  • Optimizes product pages according to customer searches and based on established keywords;
  • Optimizes website and online store navigation by creating a logical structure of pages and information that allows for easy, fast and mobile friendly access;
  • Continually supplement and update your website content with text, images, video and audio, infographics.

Collaborate with companies specialized in SEO for e-commerce

As soon as you set up your online store, it is recommended to start with SEO services by working with digital marketing agencies that specialize in SEO for e-commerce.
You will go through 4 big steps together:

  • Audit your online shop (usability, visibility, user experience, web design, keyword choice);
  • On-Page SEO Optimization (implementation of the actions determined by the audit, rebuilding the website and/or online shop based on the efficiency requirements set);
  • Off-Page SEO Actions and Link Building Campaigns (profiling for your online store by implementing original text in direct links from carefully selected websites to be significant and noteworthy in the areas where they operate);
  • Observing progress, measuring results and setting strategy for the next period (monitoring KPIs, evaluating conversions from organic site growth, generating and interpreting monthly/quarterly reports to analyse the evolution of implemented campaigns).

Check the suitability of your SEO campaign for your online store

To ensure cost-effectiveness, check in detail how to customize the SEO strategy and methods for your e-commerce website. Following the initial audit you will agree with the agency a profile of your business, which you will follow and implement in all stages of online marketing and promotion.

Google Analytics settings, keyword research, structured markup on each product category, optimizations at the level of texts, SEO descriptions and product images, all these should be aligned to the specifics of your online store and support your company’s image, values, messages to target audiences.

Diversify your e-commerce SEO portfolio according to your company’s development priorities

The actions presented are for guidance only, they can be complemented with other SEO services to grow your online store at every stage of your business development. In addition to SEO optimisation (identifying keywords, implementing keywords, optimising product pages, optimising site navigation, constantly adding and refreshing text, visual and video content), you should also consider the following online marketing guidelines:

  • Local SEO – to ensure your visibility in your geographical area (on Google’s online maps – Google Maps, in organic searches) through relevance, proximity and prominence;
  • International SEO – to optimise your online store for the countries and regions where you want to sell your products and services (translating content into multiple languages, adapting your messages and product descriptions to the specifics of each global or regional market you are targeting);
  • App Store Optimization – Adapt the online store to mobile devices and increase its visibility in the App Store, where users search for iOS and Android apps;
  • SEO training for your employees – The pace and complexity of SEO actions for e-commerce requires training and allocation of human resources within the company to work with the digital marketing agency and take over some of the activities in ongoing campaigns.

Start SEO campaigns for e-commerce to grow your online store and make it more effective. Look at digital marketing and SEO spending in particular as an investment in strategic development and online reputation management of the brand/brands your company represents.

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