What Is the Role of a Web Developer?

What Is the Role of a Web Developer?

A web developer can create a website from scratch or adjust and optimize an existing one.

Put differently, a web developer can do the most complicated parts of bringing your business online for you.

They are responsible for the code that certain functions follow in order to give you and your clients a smooth experience. Some might argue that it’s an art, but we are cool with just calling ourselves “the tech guys”.

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The end objective for a website creator should be a fully functional page where things are not overly simplified and not overly complicated. The looks also play an important factor.

After all, visual images leave the biggest mark on human beings. You also want everything to run smoothly or as some might say “not laggy”.

We make sure of that as well. The long process can be divided into three most important branches:

  • The base code is executed in a web browser and will be the very base of what visitors will see when they arrive on a certain page.
  • The code that is executed on a web server and brings power to the core features of a website.
  • The database technology is of great help to run everything smoothly as information tends to stack up quite rapidly.

Your preferences and needs might change with time. That is okay, and it is normal.

In certain environments, it might actually be desired. We are also very fine with it. We understand that things might organically change direction, and we are 100% able to keep up with your demands.

After all, maintenance is also the job of a web developer. Requests tend to vary from project to project, but all have efficiency as their most important objective.

Type of Web Developers

These are some of the type of developers you might find in an agency:

  • Front-End Developers – people that make things the shiny pretty things you see on the website stay shiny and pretty.
  • Back-End Developers – the people that make sure the backbone of the site is working properly and constantly adding features and functionality.
  • Full Stack Developers – somewhat the best of both worlds. They keep track of the overall development of the project and come in with strategies and efficient practices.
  • JavaScript Developers – are specialized persons who are fluent in the JavaScript programming language. They have great power when it comes to enhancing websites.

The process of building a website for a business might be a meticulous and tricky one. Clients and developers need to be in close contact in order to make sure that they are on the same page.

Also, as in every industry, problems are easier to prevent than to address afterward. So, considering this, communication is the centerpiece of achieving whatever goal the client might have.

Some unexpected problems might arise even if the parties stay continually in touch. This is a normal part of the experience as well. The only thing that matters is how well the team can handle sudden changes.

We know that we can deliver regardless of what the situation might be. One time a developer of ours created a website while doing 500 keepy-ups under his desk.

We are just joking… he only managed to reach 497.

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