Optimize your thank you page for conversions

Optimize your thank you page for conversions

While we’re on the customer loyalty track in our most recent blog posts, today I’d like to focus on a much overlooked but incredibly important page.

Thank You Page.

At this point in your online store, the most valuable audience group you deal with arrives: new leads and customers who have just made a purchase.

After all, whether you’re confirming to someone that they’ve downloaded a PDF or thanking them for an order worth hundreds or thousands, this is where you can perform hidden actions on your competitors that double the value of your users.

So let’s get straight to the point. See how you get more from your customers and leads with the help of the thank you page!

Contents Optimizing the thank you page for conversions

  1. Start with a message of gratitude
  2. Make cross-sell product recommendations
  3. Or promote a star product
  4. Display educational content
  5. Invite people to follow you on Social Media
  6. Invite people to recommend you in their communities
  7. Build customer trust and cover post-order objections
  8. Invites people to subscribe to the newsletter
  9. Ask for feedback about your shopping experience
  10. Test multiple optimization directions and see what works

When you display the thank you page in your online shop

Basically, the thank you page is the page where the user is redirected after performing a desired action on your website.

For example, after subscribing to the newsletter, after filling out a form to access a lead magnet or after completing an order.


Why thank you pages are important

After the user has completed the proposed action, the thank you page is often the last point of contact before leaving the site.

Unlike other parts of the site, here you are dealing with a lead who has expressed interest in you and your products. He is most ready to continue taking action on what you tell him.

Of course you can use a confirmation message displayed on the page or a pop-up.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that, and it’s even easier for you.


However, this way, you’re not really making the most of a great opportunity to take advantage of the lead or customer’s condition.

A simple thank-you message cannot be effectively equipped with advanced call-to-action and navigation options, and the space available is relatively small.

You can use the thank you page to ask for feedback, to recommend new complementary products or a best seller, to build customer loyalty or to direct customers to follow you on other channels on which you are present.

Whatever you choose to do, make the most of the impact of this touchpoint to get new results.

How to optimise your thank you page to attract new conversions

1. Start with a message of gratitude

The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to use this page to say “thank you”.

The role of the page is mainly to confirm to the user that they have successfully completed the desired action. It reassures the user, confirms that they have filled in the correct information and reminds them of the components they can access from now on.

But a message of gratitude, a thank you, is an important element to create reciprocity.

Reciprocity is one of the principles of persuasion and refers to the fact that people tend to give the same treatment they have received.

The thank you message sets a certain tone in the relationship between the user and your business, setting the stage for future interactions to continue on a positive note.

So, in addition to the confirmation, add a short thank you message. Ideally, use a human name to create a “sender” of the message – it can be the name of the leader or an employee or simply the name of the team.

In unosoft, apply this advice to post-micro-conversation thank-you pages (subscription, form completion).

You can also upload the thank you message as a banner on the completed order page.

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2. Make cross-sell product recommendations

The thank you page on your website is a great place to get a new conversion. The user is on a high because they’ve taken a first action, so it makes sense to invite them to continue.

This tip is especially recommended if the customer has made a purchase. For example, you can offer him cross-sell options – if he bought, say, a filter mug, you can recommend filters or cartridges or sets.

How do you do this through unosoft?

Simply make sure you have completed the cross-sell (or upsell) tabs on products.

The platform will automatically display recommendations on the order-finished page, according to the cross-sell/upsell tabs set on the products purchased by the customer.


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You can also recommend to activate a subscription; if you sell beauty products or other supplies, you can recommend that they go to the product pages and activate the subscription option for what period they are interested in.

3. Or promote a star product

Recommending a star product is a good technique to use when it comes to a first lead conversion on your website.

For example, let’s say the person just subscribed to your newsletter or filled out a landing page to download a PDF guide. Or a voucher or any other lead magnet.

Direct them to a thank-you page where you show them the top products sold in your store, or a specific star product, equipped with everything they need to get a new conversion: testimonials, video presentation, images, persuasive copy and repeated call-to-action buttons.

You can package it into an unmissable offer, turning the thank you page into an offer landing page.

This technique is mainly used in B2B, but you can use it whenever you want, especially thanks to unosoft’s advanced page editor.


Don’t let convenience steal your almost certain conversions!

Whenever you create a form, make sure that when you fill it out you send people to a conversion-optimized thank you page, not just a simple thank you message.

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4. Display educational content

If you have fresh and interesting content – for example, on your blog or static pages in your store, use the post-micro-conversion thank you page to present it to your leads.

You can display your latest articles here, along with links to access them in full. The same goes for static pages.

Or you can redirect them with banners to specific product categories.


This way, you extend the time spent in your store, retaining users’ interest for a longer period of time and sending positive signals to search engines – an important factor in SEO.

The more time the customer spends on your site, the better.

5. Invite people to follow you on Social Media

This technique is recommended when you have constant activity on the channels of your choice, be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, X etc.

For unosoft stores, this option is by default included in the thank you pages, thanks to the elements in the footer of the pages, which remain the same at any touch point. Unless you intervene.

6. Invite people to recommend you in their communities

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective method of promotion. But it’s not controllable, and your brand should have a high power of influence to become a lovemark.

You can boost referrals from your customers by thinking about a referral program, either implementing a system to help you do this… or simply using the thank you page as a starting point.

Once the person has made the initial conversion, that’s proof that they have a beginning of trust in you. You can invite him to share this trust with those around him.

The method I recommend is to use, for example, a discount code that he can distribute to his circle of acquaintances. If he has made a micro-conversion, this voucher could be used by him and his friends on their first order from your shop.

Or on his next order, if he has already made a purchase.

You can present the voucher through a banner or by activating the text change in the checkout, in which case you need to send an email to your colleagues at Help.

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7. Build customer trust and cover post-order objections

An important psychological effect is the buyer’s Stockholm syndrome or rationalization of the buying decision after it has been completed.

Particularly found among older groups of customers (who have suffered at least once from their financial choices), this effect means that people will overlook any potential problems or flaws that might undermine their decision.

In other words, after conversion, users will look for things that make them feel good about their decision.

That’s why testimonials and content generated by other users are so important.

For example, you can upload a banner with 2-3 testimonials (you have a specific option for the completed order, in the Banners section). These will be displayed on the right side of the page, above your company details (another element of trust).


Or you can activate InstaApp and take to the UGC site posted with a custom shop hashtag.

8. Invite people to subscribe to the newsletter

This technique is especially recommended in the post-acquisition stage. It is even more important when it is a first purchase, made by new customers.

Give customers a way to express their interest in staying with you, so that you can start some onboarding sequences and pave the way for future orders.

Even when the customer is already in your base and you already have their email address, expressing their direct interest in staying in touch can help you sort them out and send them other messages.

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9. Ask for feedback about the buying experience

On the thank you page you can try to accumulate new testimonials for the shopping experience in your store. Or answers for what you can improve in the purchase flow so that you get more conversions.

So, a good idea would be to post a survey for the customer to answer the questions. You can create it using unosoft Insights, the Polls module and restrict its display to the completed order page.


You can also use it if it’s a post-micro-conversion thank you page, or you can add a link to a form or questionnaire on another static page in the store.

10. Test multiple optimization directions and see what works

By now you’re probably used to the idea I keep mentioning: there are no perfect miracle solutions for all businesses.

The advice you’ve read today should first go through your business filter and, in particular, a testing period.

In principle, you have little to lose, no matter which of the ideas you apply today.

But some will bring you new micro and macro conversions, including increased business profitability, if you use them correctly and in a tailored way.

Try, test and see what works specifically for your online store.

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Get more from your thank you pages.

This point in the store is incredibly underrated by many contractors. Don’t be one of them; maximize the impact of your thank you page and optimize it to get new micro and macro conversions.

Test the ideas you received today and don’t forget to make the most of the features that the unosoft platform offers you.

And if you’re looking for a solid platform to help you do this and you’re not one of us yet, know that we welcome you with open arms πŸ™‚

You have 15 days to test the platform for free, so you can see for yourself the benefits and premium features we offer to the market + access to a super community and extra content!

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