New dashboard tags, GShipments & Email Bot update: news

New dashboard tags, GShipments & Email Bot update: news

Hello and happy new year everyone! Andreea, here πŸ™‚

Since it’s been a while since we last heard from each other, I thought we’d start the year with good news and super productivity.

We’re back with a fresh round of news in your eCommerce platform.

The updates are mostly related to integrations with major service providers, reporting, new integrations you asked us for, and Email Bot.

Let’s discover together what new options you have in unosoft for so you can streamline your work, increase productivity and sell more easily.

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unosoft news overview January 2023

  1. Dashboard Update
  2. SmartBill settings update
  3. Update GShipments
  4. Order Listing Update
  5. Update Export orders
  6. Update Email Bot
  7. Baselinker Integration
  8. Integrate Oblivion

1. Update Dashboard

Dashboard Update

One of the core features of the platform that many customers are excited about is the fact that the dashboard greets them from the start with general statistics about how their store is performing.

You have an overview in front of you to start from to work efficiently and make the right decisions for growing your store.

Statistics are related to sales, customers, products, but also specific metrics such as evolution of average order value, evolution of number of new customers and top 10 products sold.

Recently, in this dashboard, in the orders section, we have added two tags: Orders with shipping charge, Orders with free shipping.

From discussions on eCommerce group with unosoft I saw that some of you already noticed them and were glad to find them πŸ™‚ .

Good. What do the new labels do for you?

Basically, you can quickly scan the performance of the implemented strategy when you differentiate the delivery mode.

You will see the number of orders placed with free vs. paid shipping, their value, and the percentage increase or decrease over the selected time interval.

This helps you understand whether your strategy is working or not. You can test the raising or lowering of the threshold value for free shipping, or the performance of the campaigns you link to free shipping in total or for a specific order value.

The dashboard shows you the information super fast, in the same minute if you refresh (almost, but not quite in real time).

No matter which strategy you choose for free or collect shipping, you’ll see almost instantly how it affects your orders.

So you can adjust this strategy to boost orders and avoid losses.

2. SmartBill Update

I don’t think I need to make an introduction for SmartBill, as most of you use it for billing and management in online shops.

Integration with SmartBill is free in unosoft and you do it easily by clicking and saving, as per the instructions in the documentation.

In the application settings, a new option has now been added: Ignore discount coming from sales channels. Default is set to No.

Smartbill - Ignore discount

This setting helps you when you want to bill orders at your product price, even if a voucher offered by the marketplace or whatever other sales channel you use has been applied to them.

Two options have also been added:

  1. Add Product Code (the product code will be added to the invoice in the description)
  2. Add EAN Code (add the EAN code of the product on the invoice, in the description)

Smartbill - Add Code

The display of these codes on the invoice is indicated only when the data simplifies the identification and verification of the order content.

And under the Shipment code option, you have a new function: from now on you will be able to add individual transport codes for each transport method in the shop.

Smartbill- Cod Transport

This option is useful for you when you offer multiple shipping methods on your website and you want to display the cost of the method separately from the cost of the product.

You get this code from SmartBill, after you have added each individual service to the bill of materials.

3. Update GShipments

GShipments is a delivery service exclusively for unosoft customers that we introduced relatively recently to the platform.

Made in partnership with E-colet, the new service helps you to reduce shipping costs because you can identify the courier with the best delivery conditions for each order. We have seen up to 46% lower costs for customers using this service.

GShipments- cost simulation

Sure, even though we’ve only recently launched it, GShipments is constantly improving, as is the entire platform.

So now two options have been added to the settings:

GShipments- new options

  1. Package to Exchange – you can determine from the initial settings whether or not you want a parcel exchange on delivery.
  2. Return other documents – you choose whether or not to return other documents with the parcel.

By default these are set to No. But the options may help if your strategy is different and you offer these things on delivery.

You also now have an option for cost simulation for checking each order.

Gshipments - Simulate cost

Implicitly, the platform estimates costs starting from the shipping location Bucharest to Cluj Napoca, but you you can simulate the costs starting from another shipping point, to any other destination point.

The system also takes into account detailed aspects such as parcel dimensions and extra options on delivery such as parcel opening or Saturday delivery.

Apply your details and instantly see prices for each carrier you have integration with through GShipments, so you can choose the one with the lowest cost or best terms for you.

4. Order Listing Update

When viewing orders, from now on, if an order has files attached to the order, in the order detail in admin and on the order listing a notification like: The order has x files.

Order list

This view helps you quickly identify configurable product orders.

For example, they need to be handled differently and given priority in production so that they can be shipped faster.

5. Update Export Orders

The unosoft platform offers you an advanced export tool, starting with the Plus subscription. You can export orders, products or customers.

Well, now a new option has been added to export type commands: Time of command.

Export - Order time

Why does this column help you?

Because you can identify a behavioural pattern, a time interval on different days when you can see a change in orders.

For example, you may have more orders between certain hours, or, usually, at a certain time interval they decrease drastically.

Based on the data identified in this way you can optimize your advertising budgets, increase your budget before and during peak times and decrease it when people are not used to making purchases on your site.

The biggest advantage is that you interpret and use 100% real data about your site, related to orders, that you can’t identify otherwise.

You don’t rely on general market statistics or opinions, but on data exclusively about your store and the behavioral pattern of your customers.

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6. Update Email Bot

Email Bot is one of the most frequently used automations by our customers.

Helps you save time and resources in a variety of scenarios: when you want to ask for a review, when you want to upsell, when you want to send a loyalty offer only to a certain group of customers etc. etc. etc.

Once you have set the conditions for triggering the mail automatically, the platform will send it every time they are met.

But your site and offers evolve, so it’s important to make sure that the initial content and conditions are still relevant after some time.

So, a new setting has been added, in the Activities tab for the Email Bot.

update Email Bot conditions

If you select to send mail after a certain time interval, you can choose whether or not to evaluate the bot conditions before sending mail to clients:

  1. Do not re-evaluate conditions before sending.
  2. Reassess conditions before sending.

Again, the option only appears for emails sent at a time interval, not immediately.

7. BaseLinker integration

BaseLinker is a connector or integration platform, as you like to call it, that offers over 700 possible integrations for your website. Its subscriptions start at 9 euro/month.

Basically, when you have your store connected with BaseLinker, you can have access to +60 marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay, eMAG or Etsy), fulfillment and invoicing systems, carriers, etc., but you also have automation options.

Now, BaseLinker can be integrated into unosoft for:

  • Listing products from the store’s warehouse on a marketplace
  • Transmitting orders from the marketplace (two-way) to the online shop
  • Redirecting shipping numbers from BaseLinker to store
  • Synchronize prices and stocks between shop and several services on the market
  • Printing receipts on a fiscal printer for orders downloaded from the shop


And many other advantages.

The integrations are constantly updated and very easy to configure.

Use the instructions in the unosoft documentation to make integration with BaseLinker without the hassle!

8. Integration Oblivion

Another recent integration in unosoft is the one with Oblivion, an invoicing and inventory management solution built in the cloud. It is already integrated with the most popular accounting software such as Saga, WinMentor, Ciel or E-invoice.

Once you have an account with Oblio, you can easily integrate it with your shop using the app of the same name in the platform.

You have an API configurator where you fill in data from your account, and a series of initial settings that will then simplify your work for your shop.

integrate Oblivion

All the steps are explained in turn in unosoft documentation.

The integration even allows you to automate invoice generation, via Order Bot, in addition to the advantages of the solution such as super-fast invoicing and automatic integration with your accounting software.

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These were this month’s news. It’s time to start using them to grow your store.

We’re back next month with another round of news so don’t go too far. Use your time wisely and apply effective strategies using unosoft features and apps.

And if you’re not yet selling with the unosoft platform, it’s time to try it and see for yourself. You have 15 free demo days to practically build your store.

All you have to do is choose a subscription, to launch your live store and start selling!

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