Merchandiser Bot – Increase in-store sales through automation

Merchandiser Bot – Increase in-store sales through automation

There are many modules and features we are proud of in the unosoft platform.

We created them with a clear objective: to help Romanian entrepreneurs sell online more easily and smartly, without having to spend their entire budget just on store infrastructure.

Among those tools you can only find at unosoft is GoBotii.

GoBots are functions that automate various repetitive tasks you do for your shop, and helps you on a lot of facets of your business.

The coolest part is that we’re constantly improving them, taking into account your feedback and various scenarios you may not have thought of before.

So, based on the presentations made together with our colleague Rebeca Moisa, today we’re kicking off a new blog series about GoBots you can use in your platform.

We start with the Merchandiser Bot, your right hand in website management. It performs tasks related to how products are displayed in the store, so your customers always see up-to-date information.

View the Merchandiser Bot presentation, or read the session transcript below.

Contents: Automation ideas with Merchandiser Bot in store

  1. Why use automation?
  2. Who is and what does Merchandiser Bot
  3. How do you create a Merchandiser Bot?
  4. Merchandiser Bot Scenarios for Stock Intervention
  5. Merchandiser Bot Scenarios for Intervention on Prices
  6. Merchandiser Bot Scenarios for interventions on Promotional Markings

1. Why use automation?

When budgeting for the actions behind your shop, it’s easy to lose sight of the most valuable resource you’re investing in: TIME.

It’s even more important when you don’t have a large team of employees, but do most of the tasks on your own. Keep in mind also that many of them are repetitive, detailed and require a lot of attention: when a certain amount of time passes after a product is added or an order is placed by the customer, when the status of an order or a product changes, etc.

Manually, it’s the work of an old Chinaman to keep track of all these changes and react immediately as they happen.

Automation is the solution to stop wasting time and energy on things that don’t directly bring you sales, customers and profit.

You save resources, you are sure that you react instantly when you need to and that the flow of communication with the customer continues exactly at the interval designated by you.

There are many applications to help you automate, more or less expensive.

GoBots unosoft are included in platform subscriptions – meaning you don’t pay extra for them – in a number directly proportional to the rate plan you choose. You can also discuss with the support team to add to this number for a fee, if necessary.

At the moment, at unosoft you can automate with 5 types of GoBoti: Merchandiser Bot, Order Bot, Email Bot, SMS Bot and CRM Bot. We will present and analyze each one in turn in this series.

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2. Who is and what does Merchandiser Bot

Merchandiser Bot makes sure your products are displayed correctly in the store – from category to price. It automatically modifies products according to your needs so that your products are always properly updated.

Here there are 3 scenarios that we have considered:


  • We will act on products according to their stock status


  • We will create promotional campaigns for certain products of interest to customers


  • Differentiate products in the shop with promotional markings

3. How do you create a Merchandiser Bot?

In your shop’s admin panel you find the Gobots option. Click on the module, select the Merchandiser GoBot and set the activation conditions to start automating your business.

The settings are divided into 3 steps: Activities, Conditions and Summary.

  1. Choose the activity or activities for the bot to do. Here you basically select which element of a product to make automatic changes to.
  2. Choose the activation conditions, the conditions that trigger the bot’s actions. Here you designate when and in which context the automatic modification should be triggered.
  3. Replace the default name Mechandiser Bot #numar with a more descriptive name for what you set it to do. Helps you find the bot more easily in the list of activated GoBots.
  4. Choose whether the bot should be active, inactive or active for a certain period of time and save the settings made.

Note that Merchandiser Bot actions, once set, are irreversible. So think from the start about the logical thread by which you make the settings.

Also, the GoBot does not instantly apply the conditions you set and does not work retroactively. Over time, as the conditions are met, the tasks set by the GoBot will be accomplished.

4. Merchandiser Bot scenarios for Stock interventions


  • Change delivery time for products in status on order




  • Set On-order status for products with stock 0



  • Set Last pieces status for products with stock less than 5



  • Set status Limited stock for certain product versions



  • Set status In stock supplier and change delivery time



5. Merchandiser Bot scenarios for interventions on Prices

  • Set a special price for products of interest to customers



  • Add a special price for old products in the shop


  • Add product to a category if it is on sale



  • Delete special price if product is out of stock



  • Remove product from Promotions if it is no longer on sale



6. Merchandiser Bot scenarios for interventions on Promotional Marks

  • Add New products markup on new products



  • Remove new markings from old products



  • Add to Recommendations more expensive products of a certain brand



  • Free delivery for products over 150 lei



Your store is most likely to grow when you use the platform’s options to the fullest.

So take advantage of them.

Start by activating a Merchandiser Bot for one of the repetitive tasks on products in the store. And stay tuned, articles about the other GoBots follow with scenarios and examples of use for each. You just have to adapt them for your shop.

PS. You don’t sell with unosoft yet, but would you like to start soon?

Test the platform for free for 15 days. We have hundreds of features & dedicated apps to make your work easier, and our subscriptions start from 7 euros per month + exclusive online payment and delivery services.

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