Marketing Plan 2023 – 365-day sales and profit calendar

Marketing Plan 2023 – 365-day sales and profit calendar

The 2023 Marketing Plan is here!

As you have already got used to, every year we prepare a comprehensive article with the main events of the year.

It’s vital to know them in advance, so you can create your own marketing plan, correctly and effectively, for your online store.

This time, we added both a calendar with the most important international days to celebrate, as well as specific marketing tips for each month.

Check out the marketing plan below and confidently use the ideas noted so that your marketing plan in 2023 will lead to lower traffic acquisition costs, profitable sales and a successful business!


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Contents Marketing Plan 2023 – 12 Months of Promotion Ideas

Marketing plan 2023 – Promotion calendar for your online shop

Marketing ideas for January 2023

Days off:

1-2 January – First and second day after New Year’s Day

24 January – Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities


  • Inventory your stock and determine what to do with the pages of products you no longer sell / where you liquidate stock (preferably redirect 301 to similar products)
  • Start the year with an audit – You can use the unosoft clogs you’ve collected over the years. Focus on the order flow in the store, look in Analytics and analyze your content.
  • Set your approximate monthly budget – Keep in mind what you read in the article and data from last year’s campaigns. Make sure that you invest more in the periods when your products sell better (depending on seasonality).
  • Remarketing on December cookies – Recover abandoned baskets and do a clearance sale for last year’s products.
  • Inventory your stock and determine what remains/what disappears.

  • When is your store’s anniversary? – Circle in red on the calendar the date your store was founded and make sure you make a fuss before and on that day. For example, you can offer special products, gifts with every order. Basically, you turn the anniversary into a second Black Friday for your shop.
  • Want to bring new products into your store? – it’s the right time. Start your teasing and pre-launch campaign now.
  • Get your Valentine’s Day campaign ready. mid-Januaryto be ready to publish at any time (banners, landing pages, Facebook ads, Google Display Ads, newsletters, advertorials, blog posts (e.g. with gift ideas], Social Media posts [inclusiv o campanie tare pe Instagram & story], segmented remarketing),
  • Fa-ti content calendar for at least the first 3 months of 2023 (blog articles, lead gen guides, social media post guidelines, newsletters – e.g. if you have rotating campaigns every month [transport gratuit, reducere x%, 1+1, cadou, extra puncte de fidelitate etc.).

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Idei de marketing pentru Februarie 2023


  • Sustine campanii constante de lead generation in primele 2-3 luni ale lui 2023 – cere adresa de email la schimb pentru un cod de reducere, un cadou, un ghid scris etc. E recomandat sa ai si o campanie evergreen (un pop-up la scroll pentru abonarea la newsletter pentru 10-15% reducere la prima comanda).
  • Ruleaza campania principala din februarie – teoretic, ai ales in ianuarie daca te concentrezi pe 14 sau 24 decembrie (majoritatea aleg 14). Inainte de data aleasa, vei rula reclame, vei trimite email-uri si vei face postari cu beneficiul pe care il castiga oamenii cand cumpara de la tine.
  • Ruleaza si o campanie secundara, in data pe care NU ai ales-o pentru campania principala. Diferenta e ca, practic, nu vei face la fel de multa galagie ca in prima campanie.
  • Poti organiza un concurs pentru a mentine audienta atenta – de exemplu, scopul acestuia poate fi acela de a obtine continut generat de utilizatori (mai ales daca vinzi produse care pot fi considerate cadou) – “cum ii spui te iubesc” sau “cui ii spui te iubesc”. Sau “care este cel mai tare cadou din magazin?”- si in functie de raspunsuri iti dai seama care sunt produsele tale vedeta.
  • Nu uita de strategia de continut – foloseste blogul din unosoft pentru a posta idei de cumparaturi in februarie, sau ultimele noutati despre firma / campania de marketing pe care o organizezi.

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Idei de marketing pentru Martie 2023


  • Testeaza un tip de continut pe care nu l-ai mai folosit – video, carusel, infografic, challenge, story, checklist etc. Incearca un lucru nou si vezi cum functioneaza pentru tine.
  • Prezinta idei pentru Ziua Femeii – si nu uita sa faci o campanie daca produsele tale se preteaza sa fie oferite cadou – bijuterii, cadouri, fashion, librarie, produse personalizate, restaurant etc. (incepi campania din februarie).
  • Mareste bugetele de marketing inainte de perioadele de salariu. 
  • Fa o analiza a ce s-a intamplat in primele 3 luni – e vital sa vezi ce ai reusit sa obtii pana acum (mai ales daca vinzi produse evergreen) sau cum decurge procesul de organizare (daca sezonul tau de-abia acum urmeaza).
  • Da drumul campaniei de Paste [imediat dupa 8 martie] the same, with banners, landing pages, Facebook ads (depending on traffic funnel stage), Google Search & Display Ads, newsletters, advertorials, blog articles [ex. cu idei de cadouri], Social Media posts [inclusiv pe Instagram & story], remarketing on abandoned baskets from earlier this year etc.
  • Organize a CSR campaign (for a limited period or evergreen) – Spring is the season of new beginnings. So choose a cause you care about and get your customers involved – you can donate a percentage or a fixed amount of every order placed on the site, volunteer with your team, etc.

Marketing ideas for April 2023

Days off:

April 14 – Good Friday

April 16 – Orthodox Easter

April 17 – Second day of Orthodox Easter


  • If you don’t want to pull a prank, you can be traditional with a standard “it’s really not a joke, we lowered prices” campaign.
  • Create a landing page or blog postas a guide to support the spring campaign – Easter meal ideas, Easter decorating and arrangement ideas, garden and patio ideas, spring cleaning tips, ideas for activities with children, etc.
  • Organise a challenge for your community for a limited time (by email, social media, story, WhatsApp etc.) – send or post a surprise discount code from the bunny every day, festive promotional bookmarks on the website etc.
  • Ask for feedback from your customers and followers – Ask them what their plans are, ask them for ideas for Easter, invite them to complete a sentence, etc. Don’t forget that your SM profiles play the most important role in keeping your customers attentive to what you tell them, and focus on reactive – not passive – followers.

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Marketing ideas for May 2023

Days off:

May 1 – Labor Day


  • Organize a contest on whichever of the international days celebrated this month is appropriate: mother’s day, father’s day (e.g. what’s the best advice you ever got from your father?), family day, Star Wars day (the franchise is celebrating 45 years) etc. It can be a competition in the form of: coupon/voucher code, photo competition, video competition, quiz, fill in the blanks, leave a comment or, better still, send us a short text message, survey, giveaway etc.
  • Organise a weekend campaign, especially if you haven’t done this before – you’ll send newsletters on each of the 3 days and run ads (see how remarketing works for you).
  • Invite an expert in your niche and do a live together or a written interview – It can be an influencer or someone who specializes in your industry. By doing this you work a little on branding – the trust people have in the expert will extend to your business.
  • You can make an online shopping fair with spring-summer products – Basically, it can be your own fair (as a more special marketing campaign) or you can participate in such an event organised by others.
  • Do an intensive promotional campaign if you sell children’s products – June 1st is coming up.

Marketing ideas for June 2023

Days off:

June 1 – Children’s Day

June 4 – Pentecost

June 5 – Second day of Pentecost


  • Organize a contest in connection with this month’s international days – ZChildren’s Day, Donut Day, Blood Donors Day, International Day of the Donkey, Fisherman’s Day or of cameras etc. Can be a contest for generating content (comments, pictures, videos) or posting + inviting comments with their information.
  • Post content for summer – on your blog, social media networks: tips for the summer season, activity ideas, health/skincare tips, etc.
  • Organise one-off campaigns at the end of the school / university year – even if we’re talking about school and online courses, many families will be celebrating graduation and looking for career guidance materials for young people.
  • Promote especially the outdoor products on offer – Use promotional bookmarks to signpost your products, collect them in a landing page and promote them intensively. Because people will want to get out and do outdoor activities.
  • Run a weekend campaign – can be right around Pentecost – remind them they have a long weekend.

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Marketing ideas for July 2023


  • Campaign preparation begins for festivals and outdoor events: Electric Castle, Untold, Neversea, Summel Well, other local festivals, etc., especially if your products are relevant in this context: fashion, accessories, make-up, cosmetics, gadgets, outdoor equipment, supplies, etc. Target differently depending on age, gender, location.
  • Invest in community building – can be a Facebook group, WhatsApp, newsletter subscribers etc.
  • Organise a special campaign for the community – Discounts or benefits will only be available to those in the community. However, don’t forget to promote your campaign to others, to show them what they stand to gain by joining you.
  • Prepare your materials for when you take your vacation – When you have a small shop and only you (or + one person) handle the orders, chances are there’s no one left to process the orders. In this case, prepare a banner + hellobar announcing that you are on holiday (you can also leave a discount code valid during that period). Following the example How to prepare your unosoft shop for holidays [Video].
  • Provides helpful content for those going on vacation – what to visit, how to organise your luggage, safety tips etc (depending on your niche).

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Marketing ideas for August 2023

Days off:

August 15 – Assumption of the Virgin Mary


  • Link your holiday campaigns – in newsletters, posts, blog articles publish 80% informational content related to this period.
  • Start running Back-to-School / Back-to-Work campaigns – It can be a month-long campaign or you can create mini-campaigns in the big campaign, with different approaches, every week (e.g. “Ring the Bell” challenge – for 7 days you offer a benefit valid for 24 hours).
  • Remind your followers the best reasons to buy from you
  • Organize a mystery box – Of all the orders in a certain period, you will add a surprise package of products for one of your customers.
  • Create helpful content – Checklists of what not to forget / To Do list, myths to stop believing, x tips for autumn etc. Post blog articles and promote them on email, Social Media etc.
  • Present the news of autumn – you can launch a new product now, talk about what you plan to do this fall in business, etc.

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Marketing ideas for September 2023


  • Sells packages of products – After holidays and vacations, shoppers’ budgets are not as healthy. During this period, increase the value of your shopping baskets with affordable bundles and offers.
  • The autumn campaign begins, create a landing page dedicated to this season and display it prominently in the menu, but also with a banner on the homepage. Prepare annere, landing page, discount rules in unosoft, Facebook ads (depending on traffic funnel stage), Google Search & Display Ads & Shopping Ads, newsletters, advertorials, blog articles [ex. cu idei de cadouri], Social Media posts [inclusiv pe Instagram & story], remarketing.
  • Create a photo gallery with fall product selection – continue fall campaign.
  • Remind people of the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter – Basically, you’re stimulating lead gathering and warming them up for Black Friday.
  • Do a one-day campaign | recommended when you have a large audience – choose a day (possibly earlier in the week, so that you can process orders) and offer a benefit valid for 24 hours: free shipping, discount code, gift with every order, etc.
  • Check your stock and decide what you need for Black Friday – Order your stock early and plan ahead for what you’ll do this year.

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Marketing ideas for October 2023


  • Create a niche-specific campaign ta – or you can run a 5-30 day challenge with different communications each day.
  • Prepare a mini Halloween campaign (or if you’re in a niche such as make-up, masks, costumes etc. take advantage of this period with a strong campaign).
  • Organize a contest related to autumn or Halloween, make a post with a pumpkin carving your logo.
  • Start to Prepare your marketing materials for Black Friday – landing page, newsletters, post calendar, ad creatives, hellobar.

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Marketing ideas for November 2023

Days off:

30 November – Saint Andrew’s Day


  • Check the important information pages – return policy, privacy policy, how I buy, how I pay, loyalty program. Make sure everything is in order.
  • Prepare from the beginning of the month a teasing campaign to gather the email addresses of people interested in buying from you on Black Friday.
  • Manage Black Friday – You will need to pay attention to the order flow, start preparing parcels as soon as you have confirmed orders and respond as quickly as possible if people call/email/chat you.
  • Run an exclusive community campaign / loyal customers – before the official Black Friday date.
  • Fa remarketing on all cookies collected during the year.
  • Send multiple newsletters – and don’t forget to send reminders before the end of the discount day/period.
  • Post a list of your most bought products by the half day / discount period – this way you encourage the choice of the products by the unwilling customers.

Marketing ideas for December 2023

Days off:

December 1 – National Day of Romania

25 December – Christmas

December 26 – Second day of Christmas


  • Anything can be a gift, for the right person – runs aggressive ads and sends newsletters with gift ideas for various types of people (gift for wife/husband, gift for parents, gifts for hobbyists [insert here something].
  • Fa o retrospective and remind your customers what you did in 2023.
  • Increase campaign budgets in December.
  • Prepare remarketing lists for January.
  • Can you send Product and gift selections according to an advent calendar – product of the day, discount of the day, gift of the day.
  • You can make a raffle or a non-prize invitation to existing customers to calculate the NPS.

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Of course, use the marketing plan tailored to your business.

Increase your budget during your peak season and before payroll periods, and boost the leaner periods with creative campaigns – and if you don’t then have a high volume of sales, use that time to improve your website and strategy.

Build content and advocacy for your customers, so that you are memorable and engaging, both at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

Because, remember, our customers have a more circuitous route to purchase, and not every marketing action will lead directly to sales.

Tip! Save article to favorites. That way you can come back to it whenever you feel your inspiration waning..

PS. Marketing isn’t everything. Take care of the experience you offer on the site and post order.

That’s why you need a strong eCommerce platform that gives you stability and all the tools you need to sell in force. Choose unosoft!

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