Ideas for you to win customers for life with CRM Bot

Ideas for you to win customers for life with CRM Bot

One of the differentiating features unosoft platform from others on the market is the native CRM, which allows you to efficiently manage your customer base.

Here you have access to customer data, as well as their history in the store or even special notes and tags that communicate additional information about your customers.

Based on them, you can create personalised campaigns with more impact on the buying decision.

But did you know that you can manage customer relationships in-store automatically?

In addition to its CRM function, CRM Bot has been specifically designed to save you resources and set the foundation for a profitable relationship with your customers.

We end the GoBoti blog series with a new presentation by Rebeca Moisa, Client Manager in our team, for optimizing your online store strategy.

Watch the video and read the article below for scenarios and ideas ready to apply to your website.

Contents Ideas for you to win customers for life with CRM Bot

  1. About CRM Bot
  2. Situations where CRM Bot is useful to you
  3. Automation scenarios with CRM Bot
  4. Activate a CRM Bot

1. About CRM Bot

CRM Bot Automatically manages customers in your store according to the rules you set.

Moreover, it offers you an automatic method of customer loyalty, based on their purchase history or even their characteristics.

Basically, your website will recognize customers when they take an action on the site and give them the right incentives so they buy.

Before CRM Bot can work automatically, you’ll need to set up a few rules of operation.

Don’t worry, if you’ve already used the other bots, you’ll be familiar with how to set the rules.


Like other GoBots, CRM Bot has 3 main tabs:

  • Activities – here you set the action the bot should do;
  • Conditions – under what conditions the set action will be done;
  • Summary – a recap of what you set, so that you are 100% convinced that you made the correct settings.

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2. Some situations where a CRM Bot is useful:

  • Makes it possible to automatically move customers from one group to another when they meet the conditions you set in the Bot Activation Conditions section.
  • Can add different tags to your clients. After adding tags you can offer Shopping Cart Discounts conditional on these tags.
  • You can assign to an agent specific customers who meet certain conditions.

3. Automation scenarios with CRM Bot

  • Recurring customer tag on customers with more than 2 orders

add-tag-client-recurring conditions-allocate-tag-client-recurring

  • Returning customer tag for returning customers

allocation-tag-client-return conditions-allocation-tag-client-returns

  • Return group for customers with returns

grup-retur-clienti-cu-retururi conditions-group-return-customers-with-returns



  • Sales agent for customers buying from category x

allocation-agent-categories conditions-allocation-agent-category

  • Client segmentation + discounts for them



Customers must be logged into their store account when browsing the site for the discount to activate!

3rd place customer segmentation

client-group-allocation conditions-allocation-client-group discount-customer-group

Segment customers place 2

allocation-group-value conditions-allocation-group-value discount-valuable-customers-group

Segment customers place 1

allocation-group-customers-profitable conditions-allocation-group-customers-profitable discount-group-customers-profitable application-rebate-for-group-customers

  • Tag for customers who left a review

allocation-tag-review conditions-allocation-tag-review create-reduce-pt-tag options-create-reduce-pt-tag

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4. Activate a CRM Bot

  • In the main menu, go to the GoBots section, click on CRM Bot and on the top right button Select Bot.
  • Choose the Activities the GoBot will do when the conditions you set are met.
  • Choose Activation Conditions, i.e. what will trigger the GoBot’s actions.
  • See Summary of settings made for the Bot. Give it a suggestive name and choose whether it should be active, inactive or active within a time range.
  • When you have finished setting up your GoBot, click on the Save button so that you don’t lose the information you entered.

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With CRM Bot, customer relationship management becomes a breeze!

Now’s the time to test it for yourself, if you haven’t already, or apply the scenarios you’ve found today.

You save time and resources, but you also have the confidence that the status of your customer data is up to date, and you’re delivering exactly the messages with the most impact.

People are conditioned to return the favor when you do them one, first. Pay special attention and offer them discounts & benefits they can’t find elsewhere. And they’ll come back again and again to buy again and again.

PS. Do you want super simple automation features to set up in store too? Sell online with unosoft!

You get 15 days free trial and unosoft subscriptions start from 7 euros per month. Transform your life as an entrepreneur with unosoft and enjoy more time for what really matters!

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