How to promote my real estate agency? Here are 7 marketing ideas

How to promote my real estate agency? It’s a fundamental question that inevitably faces every entrepreneur starting out in this field.

The real estate market is a highly competitive one, especially if you operate your own real estate agency. Promoting your business when you have serious competition can put you in an overwhelming and time-consuming situation.

So, how do I promote my estate agency? Here are 7 marketing ideas you can use to promote your estate agency to get more clients and therefore more sales. First of all, start with step 1 and the most important:

Create an easy to access and use website for your real estate agency

Internet users access the web in a variety of ways when looking for details about a topic that interests them, such as real estate.

Nowadays, the mobile phone is at the top of the list of devices with Internet access, so it is essential that the website you create for your real estate agency is responsive and easy to access from a mobile device.

Create dedicated pages or lead capture forms through which you can collect information about your future clients and thus personalize your communications with them.

Such forms should be on every page of your website or appear when someone clicks on an advertisement for one of the properties in your agency’s portfolio, to get as much information about your prospects as possible.

A data collection form can ask for name, phone number, email address and provide a field where the visitor can ask a question about a house or apartment they are interested in.

Your real estate agency’s contact information should be on every page of your website, as its main purpose is to generate leads. Thus, this information should not be hidden on a single page, but displayed everywhere to make it easier for future clients to access it.

Use clear and visible call-to-actions to increase your website visitors’ engagement with your business. Display call-to-action buttons in the newsletter sign-up form or on the homepage, where you can encourage your visitors to contact you to get more details about an upcoming real estate purchase.

A call-to-action should also have an attractive text, able to induce a user to take action after visiting your website.

Also, don’t forget to include social media share buttons on your real estate agency’s website. Sharing information about your agency on social media is an important component of generating referral traffic and helps build brand recognition online.

The content of your website is extremely important if you want to be successful in promoting your real estate agency online. Regularly publishing fresh and relevant content to your target audience will optimize your site for search engines, generating new visits from prospects.

Not sure where to start or how to implement all of the above? Then turn with confidence to a performance marketing agency, which can provide you with a team of professionals to help you set up a professional presentation website for your real estate agency and provide you with all the support you need to make your services stand out online.

How to promote my real estate agency on Social Media?

Your real estate agency needs to have a solid online presence to succeed in outperforming its many competitors. Real estate is a crowded field and the fight for market share is fierce.

The quickest way to make your online presence felt is to leverage all the strengths of social networks, as they are an effective promoter of successful marketing campaigns and referral traffic.

Even if you find that not all online platforms suit your business, it’s recommended that you secure a place on each of them, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, in case you need to use them later in your promotional campaigns.

Each social media platform is unique in its own way, so it’s a good idea to create custom bios for each one. Users of these platforms interact differently and expect to find different personality types from platform to platform.

In addition, each platform offers different spaces as volume to write a biography. Write social media biographies tailored for each of these, but that still have the same consistency and relevance across all the social channels you use.

Confidently use social media platforms’ advertising systems, such as Facebook Ads, for example. These will help you generate traffic to your real estate agency’s dedicated pages or to your business website, which you can then convert into sales.

However, as you know, not all visitors attracted by these ads will automatically or immediately convert into customers, which is why social media platforms also give you the option to retarget them with ads and ads that remind them of you and the services you provide.

If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to ask for support from a Facebook Ads agency to make sure your campaigns are set up and managed properly.

Social Media becomes effective for your business if you know how to use it. By constantly publishing posts on social networks you will build an audience that will eventually end up interacting with your business the way you want them to.

Online ads for your real estate agency. Do they get results?

They certainly do. We, for example, generate thousands of qualified leads every month for the real estate partners we have in our portfolio.

Whether we’re talking about search engines or social media platforms, to create effective advertising campaigns it’s essential to have a basic understanding of targeting, understanding pricing or how to set up a campaign.

For Google ads, for example, you need to develop a list of keywords relevant to your business, then determine the target audience categories for those keywords, as well as those categories of prospects most likely to convert into customers.

After establishing the keywords and target audience, you will write the text of the advertisement. Although the length and purpose of this text depends on the platform on which it will be published, it will always contain a valuable offer and a call-to-action. You can create several versions to test and finally decide which one best serves your purpose.

The most cost-effective for you would be to choose a provider that specializes in such services, who can set up campaigns for you. A Google Ads agency will set up, monitor and track the progress of your ad campaigns for you, as they require time and a lot of experience in the field to be truly successful.

How to promote my real estate agency through email marketing?

Despite the avalanche of new marketing tactics in recent years, email is still an effective promotional tool that works especially well in certain areas, including real estate.

But you’ll only get a good return if you have a substantial list of recipients. So use newsletter subscription forms on your real estate agency’s website that include call-to-actions attractive enough to get visitors to sign up.

It is very important to use a responsive newsletter template that has a visually pleasing and clean look, regardless of the device from which it is accessed. Include in this template the contact details of the real estate agency you manage and personalize each email with the recipient’s name, for more credibility and to strengthen the relationship between them and your business.

Also, all your messages should contain effective storytelling elements, videos or images to increase click-through and conversion rates for your emails.

Video marketing in real estate. Does it work?

Third-party referrals are an effective way to help your potential clients better understand the value of the services you offer. Record video interviews with former clients who have bought a new home with your help or with real estate experts you work with or have worked with in the past to highlight, as specifically as possible, the benefits a client could gain from working with you and your real estate agency.

Because images speak for themselves and have more persuasive power than mere words, using videos to promote your real estate portfolio is one of the most effective ways to help your potential clients see exactly what they are about to buy. This tactic will make them trust you and your agency more, and will make them schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

How to promote my real estate agency through SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization refers to those optimization strategies that make your online content easier to access. Specifically, with SEO your real estate agency’s presentation site becomes more visible and trustworthy to Internet users, generating organic traffic from prospects and thus ranking higher in search engine results.

You will, however, need a team of experts in website optimization to help you develop a more effective strategy in this regard, so that you can develop long-term relationships with new and potential customers.

So, by investing in specialized SEO services you will get a better positioning of your website on search engines, more organic traffic from your target audience, more prospects and, therefore, more requests for offers and sales.

How to promote my real estate agency through Influencer Marketing?

Influencers operating online have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers who interact with their posts every day. Just as they promote the products of various companies, they can promote a real estate agency, making your name and expertise reach a wider audience. Working with an influencer can give your business the recognition it needs, putting it at the top of potential clients’ preferences.

Of course, although the volume of followers an influencer has is important, it is at least as important to make sure that those followers are compatible with your business needs, so that you have a sufficient guarantee that some of those followers can turn into qualified leads.

Keep in mind that real estate does not always arouse people’s interest, but only when they develop a clear need for it. That’s why, when you turn to Influencer Marketing, it’s good to understand which periods have the most potential.

For example, you can accelerate promotion through Influencer Marketing at the annual start of the First Home Programme, or when market prices fall.

Careful analysis of the most propitious times of the year is, after all, an extremely important first step to take before applying any other marketing strategy, because it will give you clarity, structure and consistency in your promotion campaigns, as well as the opportunity to allocate promotion budgets intelligently, with maximum results.

Do you have other questions about promoting a real estate agency? We invite you to discuss!

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