How to increase the number of customers for your profitable business

How to increase the number of customers for your profitable business

Online businesses regardless of their type, cannot survive without customers.

You need customers to make a profit, cover expenses and grow your business the way you want.

How do you get people to choose your brand in an increasingly competitive market?

You need a well-thought-out strategy, tested and monitored, that will bring more and more customers to your online shop.

After learning how to increase your traffic and contact list, we continue our series of articles on the best ways to increase your customer numbers.

If you’re just starting out, you’re definitely interested how to get customers. Then, after your business gains some traction, you’ll want to know how to attract even more customers.

What is important to remember about the information you get, both from us and from other sources, is that you have to analyze it to see what’s most appropriate in your case.

You will, of course, have to apply the information, because in theory form it won’t help you.

Are you unsure about the best method for your business?

You’ll have to test those things that seem to promise the best results. And if you see that, after a while, they don’t work, you can change strategy.

You can adapt it according to how your business evolves and what results you get.

If you don’t test (if you don’t practice), it will be impossible to find out what really works for your business.

In other words, remove the fear of failure and put your plan into action. You can always change it if things don’t go the way you want them to.

Contents “How to increase the number of customers for your online store”

1. Look at selling as a value exchange
2. Pay attention to what’s going on at the time
3. Use different approaches in social media
4. Approaches multiple sources for customer acquisition
5. Check statistics
6. Blog – a super source of traffic
7. Super offers in email sequences

1. Look at the sale as an exchange of values

To persuade people to buy, you don’t have to resort to all sorts of gimmicks. You just have to prove that you have quality products and services and a trusted brand.

Selling is, after all, an exchange of value. Your customers have needs that need to be met or problems that need to be solved, and your products are the solution they are looking for.

Well, here comes the tricky part. Getting the customer to trust you and convince them that your product is the one they need.

Until they get to the final point (where they give you the money in their wallet or their card), the customer travels a route.

The sales halo (which we’ve talked about so many times) helps you take the customer from the initial phase (after the first contact) and lead them to the point of purchase.

At all stages of the sales process, you need to keep communication open with the customer. This is where the importance of collecting email addresses.

You have to stay in the customer’s attention until that feeling of familiarity is created and they decide to make their first purchase from your store.

Besides emails and newsletters, don’t forget about social media posts.

Speaking of emails, scroll down sequential remarketing campaigns (with personalised offers) for those who have visited your site but have not bought from you.

Be creative when it comes to remarketing campaigns and see how you can more effectively attract the attention of those who already know about you. If you study your customers, you will surely find a approach that will pay off and convince them to trust your products.

2. Pay attention to what’s going on during that period

Preferences and customer behavior changes from period to period. For this reason, it is more than advisable to pay attention to what happens over a period of time. What products are people looking for?

Look at your store dashboard and see which products were best bought in the last week.

Google Trends also helps you see what kind of products people are generally looking for, based on the time of year.

When analyzing data from your store, you should keep in mind the traffic you get from various sources, if any. Ideally, you should acquire traffic as relevant to your business as possible.

Scroll Campaigns for look-alike and remarketing audiences (two different types of campaigns, but run in parallel), to see which brings the best results.

Always try to have a separate, different campaign for the best-selling and most popular products in your store lately.

Why do this?

Even if you added a product feed to Facebook and Google, not all of those products will sell (even if the method generates sales).

O campaign for “hot” products will increase the efficiency of the store and bring more sales.

Tip! Depending on the products you sell and what your competition is doing, you can greet your audience with a little more distinctive messaging. For example, show people how proud they are of your products when they use them.

Or make your customers feel like they’re part of something bigger, more important. Belonging to an exclusive group with extra benefits is a good example.

3. Use different approaches in social media

About the importance of a business social media account, we’ve been talking about it, so I won’t dwell on it. Same goes for the importance of posts.

Now we’ll talk about how you can attract new customers with social media networks if you take certain actions. For example, launch lightning offers (flash its) to your community of followers.

Or, if you want to do things differently, do posts with discount codes in the story (instead of the classic post). Only those interested will reach this code. Besides, not many people do this, so you’ll attract a lot of attention simply by taking a different approach.

Test different strategies, discount codes, products, and see which method works best. What type of posts does your audience interact with the most and which products are the most “hunted”? Periodically, when you’re ready, you can turn to the strategy that has worked best.

4. Approach multiple sources for customer acquisition

Have you already tested several types of marketing campaigns and channels?

That’s great, but you don’t have to stick to what you know. To further increase your customer base, you need to to draw on as many different sources as possible for customer acquisition.

Specifically, you can establish partnerships with influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers. However, these partnerships depend on the budget you have at hand, your knowledge and the size of your business.

Also, don’t hesitate to try affiliate marketing.

Affiliates are people who are very good at marketing. You now understand that it can be to your advantage to work with such people.

For a modest fee, affiliates will work hard to generate sales for your brand, using the experience and connections they have.

It is recommended to use it after you have exceeded 300-350 orders per month.

5. Check statistics

As soon as they hear the word “statistics”, many feel the skin crawl on their foreheads.

Statistics seem complicated, but they’re not, and it’s good to get used to them because show clearly how things stand.

Have you already looked at your store dashboard, seen which products are your best sellers and started promoting them? Great, now you can do a little more to increase the profit of your business.

Take a look at your Google Analytics account (if you don’t have one, open an account soon) and see which pages/products in your shop are getting a lot of traffic but not generating sales.

To have a lot of traffic but no sales means there is a problem.

Sit’s too possible that these products/pages don’t have the best presentation.

Take for example the best-selling products. What’s the difference between these and the ones that don’t sell? Maybe it’s the pictures (not the most inspiring ones) or incomplete/irrelevant descriptions.

Those with advanced knowledge of Google Analytics can check the traffic sources. There may be a need for improvements there too.

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6. Blog – a super source of traffic

If you don’t already have a blog in your online store, it would be advisable to get one up and running as soon as possible.

Because we are big consumers of content, blogging is a tremendous source of traffic for an online shop.

Many users end up in your online store just because they searched for certain information and their search led them to the blog.

How to use your blog to get more sales?

See which blog posts have the most traffic (in the last week, month). Then think about what products you can add in those items.

Thus, switching from the blog to the shop is done with just one click on the product that presents the most interest.

7. Super deals in email sequences

Those who have subscribed to your newsletter and given you their email address are the ones who trust you and your brand (otherwise they wouldn’t leave their contact details).

So, the first step in the right direction is taken.

Next, we must keep communication open with these users and speed up the sales process. And this can be done through email sequences in which you include super offers.

For example, you can also include a special offer in your onboarding email.

Just don’t forget to change the link in these emails every time the offer changes.

Use a CRM platform to be more efficient in targeting customers.

You can segment customers and then send them emails with offers based on their interests/preferences.

However, make sure that each customer segment has at least 1000 unique users. This helps Facebook and Google to more accurately identify new audiences that you could target.

How many of these things do you already do and how many more would you like to implement?

Although it may seem like a lot, if you organize efficiently you can cross them all off. In time, you’ll get used to them and it will get easier. Remember: efficiency, analysis, implementation.

These tips will definitely help you win more customers.

With an email address you can open a demo account to see exactly how easy it is to launch an online business.

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