How to increase in-store conversion rate through customer experience

How to increase in-store conversion rate through customer experience

Do you have an online store and want to grow your business through higher conversion rates and loyal customers? Read the article below to see how you can do this today.

Why is an online store different from a traditional one?

In online commerce, shoppers experience the interaction with the seller and the store’s product portfolio differently.

Whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, or sports and household items, store visitors face many unknowns before they choose to purchase.

Any conversion is the result of several factors that are multiplying throughout any shopper’s prospecting process.

Buyers’ preferences are often emotional, and most often mentioned are safety, both for payment and delivery, comfort and speed execution services.

Along with the desire for fast service, shoppers want to be always informed about the delivery status of the purchased item, but also have flexibility in receiving the parcel.

For all these preferences, which fundamentally define each consumer’s way of life, there is a common denominator, a solution, which meets all the needs of both buyer and seller.

The easybox service developed by Sameday responds to your customers’ expectations for speed of delivery, control over their own time, proximity to home or office and concern for a less polluted environment.

What service can you offer your shoppers that will enhance the shopping experience in your store?

Easybox delivery is the service that has revolutionized the courier market and the online shopping experience, becoming a preferred delivery method for more than 81% of consumers who shop online, perhaps even from your store (According to research commissioned by Sameday, October 2021 and May 2022).

Moreover, easybox is already a criterion for choosing an online shop, a phenomenon confirmed by 67% of consumers (According to a Retail Economics study).

On the side of you and your online business there are benefits that come with activating the easybox service.

Customers who regularly choose easybox delivery actually want predictability and security with every purchase.

What if you could offer the same benefits, from now on, for returns?

How can return service improve your relationship with your customers?

Returns are a natural part of online commerce, helping you strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Moreover, the experience of returning a product can be defining for how customers perceive their relationship with you, as a seller, and with your online store.

With easybox returns service, everything becomes simple, faster and more flexible.

Buyers no longer have to print out paperwork or coordinate their schedule with the courier.

They can choose return to easybox regardless of the delivery method chosen on the tour order and I can deliver the parcel at any time, 24/7, to any one of over 3,700 easyboxes in the easybox locker network active in Romania.

The advantages are considerable and on your side. The hassle-free experience will keep your customers coming back with new purchases, thus increasing their frequency and retention rate.

In other words, you’ll be delighting your customers, who will choose you for future purchases!

As a 100% digital service, easybox returns gives you an easy integration of your returns workflow and the security of a 100% technologically & pleasant experience every time.

Did you know that until 30 April, you can activate your easybox return service for free?

Until 30 April you can activate the free return service in easybox like this:

  • If you are not a Sameday customer, go to this link and fill in the contact form. Don’t worry, we’ll take it from there and help you with everything you need to benefit from the easybox solution to grow your online business.
  • If you are already a Sameday customer, contact your sales representative and tell them you want to grow your online business right now.

Offer subject to terms and conditions. See the rules on

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Guest post by our partners at Sameday. Details about integrating your unosoft online shop with this carrier can be found in the Help Center.

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