How to design your store to attract conversions

How to design your store to attract conversions

We’ve discussed the topic of design for your shop, mainly through the prism of good practice.

And, if you’re just starting out, this is an excellent way to make decisions, until you begin to accumulate experience and your own data.

To celebrate the latest themes released at unosoft, today we’ve prepared a slightly more advanced material on designing and optimizing your store, with a specific goal: to increase conversions.

So let’s discover some ideas, ready to test for your online business. Are you ready?

Contents How to design your store to attract conversions

  1. Discover the latest unosoft themes
  2. Plan according to audience and objectives
  3. Use unosoft Insights features
  4. Re-evaluate your unique value proposition
  5. Document and follow the rules of copywriting and content creation

1. Discover the latest unosoft themes

Have you seen the latest themes released in the unosoft platform?

We’ve prepared 5 more dedicated themes that you can use regardless of your niche, although each of them has aspects that are favourable to specific niches.

The most efficient way to figure out what your content looks like is to activate the test mode from the “Design” tab in your admin panel.

And if you choose to change the existing theme of your online store and have custom settings (fonts, custom colors, etc.), keep in mind that these may be lost with the change.

Now, let’s see what each of the new themes looks and does:

1. Vivid theme

The Vivid theme is perfect for modern brands. It’s exactly what you’re looking for if you sell home & deco, beauty & fashion, perfumes, delicacies etc.

Do you want to convey luxury, sophistication, elegance or mystery through your store design? Test the Vivid theme!


2. Theme Marissa

The Marissa theme is perfect for fashionable brands.

This theme was created specifically for the fashion industry, but you can use it just as easily in areas such as beauty, gifts, sporting goods, handmade, etc.

Test the Marissa theme for your online store!


3. Theme Form

For brands with sales power!

It’s perfect for you if you sell supplements or other food products, organic products, sporting goods, fashion, etc. Make your impression so simple and customize the theme structure as you like.

Test Form theme for you!


4. Calm Theme

The Calm theme was specifically designed for Romanian designers.

Do you have a passion that you want to turn into a business… or have you already done it? Now you have the perfect theme for your handmade shop.

Test the Calm theme for your online store!


5. Kream theme

The Kream theme is for delicious products that reach the hearts of customers!

It has double the impact with large images and branding-focused structure. It’s perfect for bakery, pastry, beauty, accessories, handmade or decorative products.

Test the Kream theme for your online store!


All unosoft themes are responsive, can be configured in an advanced way both via editor and CSS, and are automatically updated when new features are added.

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2. Plan according to audience and goals

Whichever theme you choose from the 19 available at unosoft, before making your decision, you need to know at least two things: your audience and your business objectives.

It’s important that your shop looks good, but the priority is to look good for your customers.

To have a structure that fits the expectations of your audience, which will help you achieve the long-term goal of the store more easily.

What does your audience want to see in your store?

This is the main question.

  • Who are the audience groups that will reach your site?
  • What are these people interested in seeing on your site?
  • What browsing habits do your customers have? These can be different depending on the type of products you sell.
  • What features should your website offer them that they expect?
  • What other companies do they shop from?

Research your audience and competition to find clues that will point you in the direction you should go with your design.

For example, in the fashion niche people want to be able to see products from multiple angles on the product page, in multiple images.

Or to have direct paths from the homepage to the categories they are interested in. Or to quickly see new collections.

Depending on what you discover from these sources, you can get an idea of what the right theme for your shop should look like.

What do you ultimately want to get from your shop?

  • How do people find you and what do you want them to do when they get to your site?

Do you want leads? Do you want them to have a specific perception of your brand? Do you want them to get to checkout as quickly as possible?

Choose a theme and features that will get your audience to act in the direction you want them to.

This might mean choosing a theme without elements that would create distractions in the purchase flow (with a hamburger menu, for example).

Or with a focus on large product images, positioned above the fold, along with a call to action button.

3. Use unosoft Insights features

Have you already had an online shop for a while and are thinking about a redesign? You can make decisions based on factual information, using your store’s specific data.

More clearly, you can see exactly what your audience is doing in your store, so you can change the theme to one that better matches their behaviour and expectations.

unosoft Insights is a recently launched app that gives you access to advanced information about your customers, through tools such as heat maps or video recording of browsing sessions.

All you have to do is choose a pricing plan, in which, in addition to these two tools, you also get a tool for monitoring traffic, including competitors, and one for creating surveys and questionnaires.

Basically, you have an all-in-one marketing tool right in your admin panel.

No more paying for multiple separate tools, integrations and other complications – you have it all ready in unosoft.

Going back to the point of the article, you can use the two functions mentioned above to make the right decisions for your shop design:


  • Check heat maps (mouse movement) on important pages and see where the mouse is going – and, most of the time, the users’ gaze.
  • View scroll maps on important pages to see how much users scroll through your site.
  • Check click maps and see where on the pages people click.
  • View various video recordings of user sessions on the site. Check this behaviour for new users, for returning users, at different times, on different devices and coming to the site from different sources. Identify behavioral patterns, both through common and completely different actions.


Of course, you get this data over time. That’s why it’s not good to rush or rely on a small amount of data.

Allow yourself time to make the best decisions.

These tools will help you identify areas to work on, either to improve them, drop them, change the content displayed there altogether, etc.

Figure out what you need to do, based on your goals and the information you get from the two unosoft Insights tools.

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4. Re-evaluate your unique value proposition

How effectively do you convey the thing or things that make you different?

The core of your design must be your unique value proposition. Around this you shape the content, structure and maximum persuasive points of the site.

So, first, you need to establish or evaluate your current USP.

What makes you unique: Business model, type of products, the fact that you offer something specific, type of content, extra services, a specific shopping experience etc.?

Choose your theme and design your site so that you make the most of your USP – people need to realise as soon as they enter the site what your unique element is.

5. Document and follow the rules of copywriting and content creation

The theme of your website is just a skeleton, a foundation.

More important is how you choose to fill that skeleton, so that you form a true sales agent out of it.

This is where good copywriting practice comes in (product descriptions, page descriptions, landing page texts, etc.) and content creation: banners, product images, product videos, micro-content (such as on hellobar or popups).


For today’s material we have selected just a few, but you can read more ideas in other dedicated blog articles and in the eCommerce Academy materials.

Rules and best practices to test in your store:

  • Write active diathesis texts and focus your messages around action verbs.
  • Uses user words in text. You find them from Google search terms, live chat or email discussions, comments, polls, etc.
  • Write in short sentences.
  • Addresses emotional reasons for buying.
  • Use as specific examples as possible. Even on the contact page it would be good to have a soft call-to-action text – Contact vs. Want 10 minutes free consulting? – and a specific person’s email address + exact contact time.
  • Contact second person singular.
  • Avoid jargon, especially when you’re not dealing with a specialized audience.
  • Focus on the benefits, less on functionality.
  • Creates a sense of urgency, where it lends itself.
  • Avoid negative words: Catch the offer vs Don’t miss the offer.
  • Consolidate your authority. Equip your content with evidence of authority and credibility: numbers (years, happy customers), short testimonials, ratings.
  • Get attention first, sell second. Information is power, both for you and the customer. So make sure you give them reasons to stay, to consume your content – you build the foundation of the buying decision.

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Want to attract conversions with your store design?

Today you’ve got some practical ideas to test for your business to do just that. Start with goals, USPs and audience, use handy analytics tools with unosoft Insights, and follow best practices for content creation.

Over time, you can make adjustments to your strategy. Pick an initial theme, but dare to experiment, to change things up, to see how it works for you.

And if you’re not selling with unosoft – yet – now’s the time to start. Open a free demo for 15 days and see for yourself what benefits you can gain!

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