How to conquer Black Friday on a budget

How to conquer Black Friday on a budget

International recognition: European Search Awards

We are proud to be the only digital marketing agency in Romania awarded this year at the prestigious European Search Awards competition. The trophy won was for the BEST LOW BUDGET PPC CAMPAIGN category (section for large digital marketing agencies), one of the most competitive groups in this competition.

About Barhat

Barhat is a female-led company founded in 2018 specializing in the beauty products niche. Always thinking about lash artists’ needs, Barhat has become one of the largest distributors of professional-use lash extensions in Romania. Barhat enjoys, since the first year of activity, a continuous rise, thanks to the quality of its products and impeccable services.

Black Friday: the holiday of global discounts

Black Friday is known as the biggest discount event of the year, originating in the United States and marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, Black Friday has gained popularity around the world, including in Romania, where consumers eagerly await the promotions and special offers available during this period.

For retailers and marketing agencies, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to promote their products and services, both in physical and online stores. Marketing campaigns are crucial to attract consumer attention and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive environment.


In November 2022, we partnered with our client, Barhat, to create a successful Black Friday marketing campaign. Our main goal was to double the number of transactions recorded during Black Friday 2021 and achieve an expected growth of almost 200%. We aimed to generate significant revenue during November 11-13.

The total budget for this campaign was distributed in such a way that the majority of the amount was allocated to the actual campaign, while a smaller portion was directed to the teasing period. We aimed to achieve a revenue growth rate of around 85%, investing resources strategically to maximise results.

Black Friday
Black Friday Promotions


We have adopted a two-phase strategy for our campaign, consisting of a teasing period between 4 and 10 November and an official launch phase between 11 and 13 November. With this approach, we successfully set the stage, piquing public interest and curiosity before unveiling the full Barhat offer at the Black Friday event.

To reach the right target audience, we used a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Huawei Ads and Yahoo Ads, taking into account consumer demographics, interests and behaviours and ensuring our messaging reached the market segment most relevant to the Barhat offer.


Our campaign was a remarkable success, exceeding all expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. The amazing results of this case study speak for themselves.

The total number of transactions increased significantly, exceeding the original target by more than half. This showed us that we were able to capture the attention of the right audience. The revenue generated was also impressive, exceeding the target by more than 200%.

The results on Facebook were excellent, with the number of purchases increasing considerably – by over 500% compared to the previous year. Purchase Conversion Value on Facebook Ads saw a notable increase of over 700% over the previous year.

Performance on Google Ads was also outstanding. The number of conversions increased by almost 150% over the previous year and the Purchase Conversion Value on Google Ads saw an increase of about 250% over the previous year.

Furthermore, ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) saw an impressive increase of almost 87% compared to the previous year, highlighting the effectiveness of the advertising investment.

Black Friday Transactions
The value of conversions in Facebook Ads
Conversion value in Google Ads


The Black Friday 2022 campaign for Barhat was a real success, even with an inflation rate of almost 16%, far outperforming the 2021 results and generating substantial revenue with minimal investment. We achieved an impressive ROAS, which showed us that we made the right choices in terms of strategy and original ad copy.

Advance planning, ad creativity, choosing the right strategy, performance monitoring and effective communication are key to successful Black Friday campaigns. By keeping these aspects in mind, you will be able to create a memorable and profitable campaign during the massive discount period. Good luck! 🛍️🎉

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