How to attract more customers for the services you offer

How to attract more customers for the services you offer

If you have a medical clinic, beauty salon, sell HoReCa services, have a fitness room, are a real estate developer, accountant or any other service provider, you definitely want more clients πŸ™‚ .

Competition is high in almost any industry. So nothing can guarantee your success in the end.

But with a little attention to differentiators and a unique strategy for your business vibe, you can strengthen your customer base to support your business.

Let’s take a look at some techniques you can apply to bring in more customers for the services you offer.

Contents How to attract more customers to the services you offer

  1. Create a hybrid presentation site
  2. Plan your SEO strategy for commercial intent searches
  3. Run strategic paid ads
  4. Bet on content and incentives
  5. Create a community that recommends you
  6. Specialize on certain services
  7. Organize giveaways with services
  8. Uses testimonials and UGC
  9. Make dedicated campaigns for existing customers
  10. Encourage people to join your mailing lists

1. Create a hybrid presentation site

Traditionally, companies that provide services – not products – choose to make their presentation site more or less interesting.

They don’t use an eCommerce platform, since they feel they don’t need the sales/add-to-cart function.

But what if I told you that you can differentiate yourself by offering products that can be purchased directly from your showcase site?

A hybrid presentation website offers multiple benefits and can make you stand out in the eyes of potential customers:

  • Avoid keyword cannibalization if you open both a presentation website and an online shop for products in your service niche.
  • You can upsell your service products, and vice versa. It’s a way to increase your profit.
  • You can sell on the presentation site online coursesfor example, or a product that supports or arouses the need for your services – books, time-limited consulting session, downloadable products etc.
  • A hybrid presentation site is most effective when you have a limited number of products that you want to sell alongside your services. If you have a lot of references, it’s better to make a separate online shop for them.
  • You have marketing tools available directly in the platform: hellobar, popup, landing page builder, One-Time Offer, Blog, Promo content (you don’t always have to make separate banners), packages, custom menu etc.
  • You can sell services as subscription When you make a bundle with a specific price, for example, that your customers can subscribe to.
  • You can edit your pages in advanced mode and customize the theme as you wish, including a CSS editor.
  • You can automate directly from the platform communication with customers and group them according to the services or products they access, to make them personalized offers.

These 4 benefits mentioned above are rather specific when you use the unosoft platform to sell.


Extra products, whether they’re courses, a book, or some other type of product, can be an attractive differentiator for your target audience.

At the same time, it plays the role of a hook to better position you in Google, so that you can push your services to a mass of people who might not otherwise be interested in them.

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2. Plan your SEO strategy for commercial intent searches

Keywords used by users denote a certain intent and expectations for the results to be returned.

On the one hand we have navigational searches (for specific domains, for names of people or companies) and informational searches (why, how to, what it is, about… etc.).

And on the other hand we have transactional searches, which denote commercial intent.

Sometimes these are composed of a single keyword (an online shop name, for example)but most often consist of at least 2-3 keywords and may contain phrases such as “price”, “discount”, “to buy”, or specifications for a specific product (size, duration, purpose, etc.).


It’s easy to optimize your site and do link building on keywords related to your services, because this is the very first start.

Make sure, however, that you also address the commercial terms, including straight from the metas prices, specifications where applicable, dedicated articles for transactional searches and so on.

You will respond better to these searches and get a better position for them.

For the most part, optimizations done for a website selling services are similar to those for an online store.

So I encourage you to read this SEO guide for online stores – Learn how to optimize your store in 30 days!

3. Run strategic paid ads

It goes without saying that you have to invest in ads if you want attention.

Your competitors are already doing it, so you have no choice – it’s a point of parity, but also a strategy to attract attention without pouring endless budgets into ads.

The first thing to do in this case is to invest time and resources in a thorough analysis of your audience.

See Where your potential customers sit, what channels, who they follow, what interests them, what their pain points are, what they miss, what they like and trust.

Start from this analysis to create the right keyword list for your ads, then creatives, their placement and techniques to guide you through the site.

  • Mark rather on keywords that prove to perform for you and add negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic.
  • Target your location, using local keywords, landmarks and symbols.
  • Prepare your website pages for conversion: make sure your offer request forms work, have testimonials, have videos and UGC, have contact details prominently displayed, etc.
  • Create campaigns based on goals and themes, in addition to awareness and loyalty ads.
  • Invest in remarketing.

4. Bet on content and incentives

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate to your audience that they can trust your expertise is to offer advice, ideas and case studies in the form of free content.

So a blog for your service company is a must. Or if you prefer to talk, you can make a podcast or YouTube channel populated with useful information.


Use your audience analytics to identify topics to create content about, and then drive traffic through all the methods possible for you: ads, newsletter, affiliate and partner system, social media marketing, etc.

You can also offer more specific material against the email address: a market research, a guide, an ebook or a service catalogue with tips & tricks.

5. Create a community to recommend you

People trust people. The voice of your community will be heard louder than any ads or posts you make.

Especially when you invest time and resources to build and strengthen that community around a core of people who already trust you: customers and business partners.

Your community can take the form of a Facebook group or a forum built on a specialized platform.

The important thing is to encourage interaction in your group, give competent answers when relevant and keep transparent about the results you can provide.

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6. Specialize on certain services

Even if you offer a varied portfolio of services, it’s important to have a hook that initially attracts people to you.

This can be a specialization on a particular niche/technique/client challenge. For example, if you have a beauty salon, you can promote more heavily your offer for eyelash or gel nail application with extra creative designs.

Or, for a medical clinic, you can offer special prenatal or cardiology packages with something extra or by having doctors trained at certain prestigious universities.

You differentiate yourself more easily when people have a benchmark by which to recognize you.


Once on the site, you’ll find it easier to guide them to the most appropriate services for them and give them a prompt to request a quote or make an appointment.

7. Organize giveaways with services

Another way to attract customers for the services you offer is to organise regular giveaways.

These work 100% to pique interest and get people to stay tuned to your communication channels so they don’t miss out on a potential win.

You can organize them on email, on your Social Media pages or on a sign-up landing page (after signing up, you direct them to another, upsell landing).

You can put a one-time service package on sale. The flow of traffic and conversions boosted by the giveaway will make it worth giving something away for free.

But of course, this is something you need to test in your market and see what works best.

8. Use testimonials and UGC

Case studies, testimonials for your services and content that clients send you or post voluntarily reinforce people’s trust in your competence.

Without these, they have no proof that they won’t spend their money for nothing.

Actively request these testimonials, whether face-to-face, via email or via a phone call to customers who have just used one of your services.

Post them all over your website, promote them on Facebook, Instagram, on YouTube where you have video testimonials, on your blog, email them.

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9. Run dedicated campaigns for existing customers

Never forget the customers who already trust you. They are the ones who will come back next time and, with a little encouragement, bring a friend.

Create loyalty campaigns with discounted services or packages specifically designed for this audience, thank them constantly, redistribute the content they post about you and offer them extra services that make them stay.

A dedicated chat, for example, or a virtual birthday card (if you have access to such data), giveaways and discount codes – all these work wonders and don’t cost you much to implement either.

10. Encourage people to join your mailing lists

I touched a little on this topic under content and incentives, when I mentioned that you can provide relevant material if they subscribe to your email address base.


Constant newsletter and email communication is more intimate and allows you to customize your approach to be more persuasive.

So invest in this aspect to grow your base and make communications profitable. You can use forms, popups, sign-up giveaways, community access to attract new leads.

Also think about a plan for onboarding these addresses, so you can guide them slowly and naturally to an appointment or an offer request.

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These 10 tips you got today are just waiting to be tested πŸ™‚ .

Some will work better for your case, than others, because it depends on the type of services you sell and your business model.

Consider them and, very importantly, adapt them according to how you see your audience reacting.

Good sales!

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