How I find target products that I can be successful with from the start

How I find target products that I can be successful with from the start

We’re back with a new topic suggested by our community members, eCommerce with unosoft.

As you know, when you join the group, you get a few questions. We take them into account to make sure we provide you with answers that will help you develop your project and ideas.

Target products – we call them star products, are a concern of every entrepreneur at the beginning of their journey.

You may have a vague idea of what you want to sell or what niche you want to address in the market.

But your desire is definitely to “hit” the products with the best potential, so that you can be successful from the start.

So let’s talk a little bit about this topic. How do you find target products – star products – for your online store and how to sell better.

Contents How to find target products for your online shop

  1. Products you are passionate about
  2. Products that solve a need
  3. Products for pleasure
  4. Products for a specific audience
  5. Products with which you are familiar from professional experience
  6. Products on trend
  7. Products with accessories
  8. Popular products in department stores
  9. Products with potential to become brands
  10. Unique products

To remember!

There is no 100% valid method to guarantee that your products will bring you success or not. The only way to validate your idea is to start implementing it.

What you need to know is that you can sell, after all, any kind of product, as long as it’s quality and meets a consumer need.

Otherwise, success depends on how well you promote yourself and how well you treat your customers.

Things to look out for when choosing products for your shop

  • Bring products with decent prices – Low-priced products don’t give you much leeway, because people aren’t willing to spend more when they can find them elsewhere at the price they expect.
  • Avoid seasonal products. Of course, if you really want to set up a shop with seasonal products (Christmas ornaments or hammocks for example), it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. But you will have a specific strategy and you will be aware from the start that the shop may run on 0 in the extra season.
  • Avoid fragile products. These are associated with high delivery costs and a potentially high return rate.
  • Try to offer customization options. No matter what products you bring to your site, think of a few that you can customize to your customer’s needs. They can quickly become your star products.
  • Avoid products that take too long to produce. People have needs that they want solved as soon as possible. You should have a fast lead time.
  • Don’t sell products you don’t like. You’ll quickly end up hating your days if you don’t like what you’re doing, and you won’t look very convincing either.

Okay. Let’s figure out how to find your target products.

1. Products you are passionate about

It’s no news that to succeed in business, you need to be motivated by something other than money. Because profit comes in time, and in the early years, most of the money is reinvested so that the business grows.

That’s why a good target product might be something you’re passionate about, something you like.

Whether it’s fashion – and you sell clothes in your favourite style, home & deco, also in a style you like, car or motorcycle parts when you are passionate about cars, and so on.

Passion for the type of products you sell also gives you enough flexibility so you can change the specific niche range you have chosen. Basically, you don’t fall in love with the product or the business model, but with the idea that you are selling something you like.

It will motivate you to bring in cool products that you promote with pride and enthusiasm.

2. Products that solve a need

In general, products that solve a need fall into the category of general products.

The need may be an everyday one (food, e.g.) or specific for certain cases (toys, personal or child care products, tools, building materials).

This leads to fluctuations in the need for products and hence to ranges of higher sales volume vs. lower sales volume.

When you want to choose target products that solve a need, your priority is to analyze your market and the audience you want to target:

  • Which products that solve a need (in your niche) are the most bought in the market?
  • Who are the people in your target audience (demographics, habits, needs, buying behavior)?
  • When do people need your products?
  • Where is demand highest? (also pay attention to location)
  • What is involved in bringing new products to market to replace existing ones?

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3. Products for pleasure

At the opposite pole are products for pleasure or hobby. People buy them to satisfy a personal desire, not a need/problem.

For example, Waxes for creating decorative candles, paint-by-numbers or handicraft products. Or make-up and cosmetics with certain flavours.

These are items they can live without, but which make them feel better about themselves, enjoy a handmade work or take pride in.

Pleasure products are intended for certain audiences or can be promoted as gifts.

The success of such a shop depends mainly on marketing and customer loyalty actions.

4. Products for a specific audience

You can choose specific target products for specific people, whether they are for pleasure, for need or for pain/lack.

For example, you can sell online video courses for people looking for ways to do sports at home, or decor items for events such as weddings/baptisms, or fishing rods and lures for people who are passionate about fishing.

The idea is to focus on selling to one main type of audience, so 90% of your marketing messages will be tailored to them.

No matter what you sell, you will always have secondary audiences, but you will always prioritize your core audience.

5. Products you are familiar with from professional experience

You may have worked for a few years in a particular field.

Given that you know what products are being bought, what the audience wants from this kind of business and maybe even have possible collaborators (suppliers, partners, etc.), it will be easier for you to open an online store with products from that industry.

You will be able to use the experience and knowledge you have gained to grow your business.

For example, you’ll know how to approach customers on the phone, you’ll know what to blog about (you already know their pain points and the information they’re looking for) and you’ll know what type of marketing works in your area.

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6. Trending products

Selling trending products leads to quite volatile deals, because once the trend passes, the demand for them drops a lot.

Therefore, you’ll always have to be aware of what’s in demand so that you can bring those products into your store.

You have very little branding potential, and your budget will be invested on pushing trendy products forward – since you will have strong competitors, 100%.

Very possibly you will have a large number of products in your store, but you won’t get to do SEO, if the trend is transient and you are going to remove the product from the site at some point.

Trending products bring you profit quickly and are generally bought on impulse.

So there are both advantages and disadvantages.

It depends on you and the business model you want to choose. There’s nothing wrong with choosing trendy target products, or even doing a hybrid – having both trendy products in the store as star products and other types.

7. Products with accessories

Selling products with accessories gives you the opportunity to apply multiple sales techniques in order to build customer loyalty and increase the average basket value.

You can create, for example, product packages or bundles.

You can also display accessories as upsell and cross-sell recommendations, whether you do it on the product page, in a add to cart popup, in the OTO or in post order emails.

The existence of accessories allows you to continue the commercial relationship with your customers, especially when your shop is among the few that offer these accessories.

8. Popular products in department stores

As I’ve stated repeatedly, when you’re looking for target products to sell online, it’s good to take a look at the big retailers’ websites to see what they’re selling successfully.

Why? Because that means people are familiar with those products, and actively seek them out to fulfill a need or want.

There is demand in the market, supported by the big retailers, so you can focus your efforts on increasing the visibility of the store, not necessarily the products.

9. Products with potential to become brands

There are many products on the market that have been created specifically for certain online shops, branded with their own brand, for example.

These are useful products, but they have something special incorporated into their design so that they are automatically associated with a brand.

Electric scooters, cold pressed oil, clothing items, trolleys, cosmetics, etc. Any branded product that has a specific method of use has the potential to be associated with your brand.

Here you will focus your efforts on branding and marketing, so that you can push your target products to the front and get as much customer-created content as possible to promote in the loop.

10. Unique products

The eCommerce market in Romania includes almost everything a person could want. Unique products appear every day and either succeed because of the marketing strategy behind them, or fail before they attract attention.

Unique products solve a need or want better than existing products, but have never been used by your audience before. Maybe they already exist in other markets around the world, or you create them from scratch.

When you bring unique products to market, your priority is to present them as relevantly and intensively as possible, so that people understand and become familiar with them as quickly as possible.

Depending on their usefulness and the results they deliver (visible in the volume of reviews and UGC), can quickly become target products that bring you success.

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The first thing you think about when you want to start a business – or expand your range of landmarks – is products.

You want target/star products that have greater potential to bring you success from the start.

Choose the right type of product for you and your business idea based on what you read in this article.

Check the market, competition and keywords to identify the potential of your chosen products.

At the same time, act quickly to launch your store. Make a demo at unosoft (you get 15 days free) and start marketing your business.

Test and make changes where you need to, because it’s only through action that you’ll know if you can be successful or not.

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