How do you stand out on Black Friday and which platforms can get you results at unbeatable costs?

How do you stand out on Black Friday and which platforms can get you results at unbeatable costs?

Are there other promotion channels besides Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic and Linkedin?

A lot of times when we have a micro moment coming up that we want to participate in, or we have an unbeatable promotion that we want to promote we focus a lot on the Performance area.
If the offer is very good, then the expectation of having high volume in sales is closely tied to investing in campaigns with a conversion goal. What happens when we look at international brands and relate to how they communicate?

We see an openness to other promotional channels, offers and creative thought outside the box. Creative formats that stand out, videos that tell a story, not just communicate an offer.

Although the economic context is an important aspect that weighs more and more, the growth of a brand is correlated to the recognition of the brand in the market. How else do big brands stabilize their position?

So, with Black Friday approaching, how do we make ourselves stand out at a time when the cost of digital promotion will rise and users will encounter more and more ads in the coming period?

First, we need to understand user behavior related to Black Friday in recent years. While 2018-2019 saw peak conversions on Black Friday night and Saturday, in recent years we’re seeing a marked shift in user behavior in that the research period has increased for users. We see searches related to Black Friday discounts or deals even a week after the Black Friday core is over. Therefore, start by thinking of a strategy that encompasses both a Teasing, Launch and Pre Black Friday period.

Then, once you’ve established the trade offer and the story behind it, calculate the weight you want to invest in branding and performance. The recommendation is to allocate a minimum of 30% of your Black Friday budget to Awareness.

So, in addition to the classic promotion channels, what are the opportunities we can take advantage of to increase the visibility of our brand, but also to increase the volume of conversions

Pinterest Ads – Be there for your customers when they need inspiration

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is the platform you turn to when you know what product you need, but need inspiration. Whether we’re talking about the Beauty, Fashion & Accessories or Home Deco industry, users turn to Pinterest for a glimpse into how to use those products.
What do ads look like in Pinterest ad? Well, they fit perfectly as pins and you can use both images and videos.

You can use product feeds, or, depending on your goals, you can even use App Install campaigns.

Tik Tok – the refuge users turn to for entertainment, but also the place where many have started doing research

TikTok Ads

The volume of users starting to use the Tik Tok platform is constantly growing, therefore TikTok is becoming an increasingly accessible platform, a platform that allows users to connect with influencers they follow, celebrities, but also a platform that allows users to research issues of interest.

In addition to simple, product showcase videos, you can amplify organic content to increase the volume of likes and followers.

In addition to these, you can also use product feeds, which can display either the products in the video or a selection of relevant products, making it much easier for users to purchase products.

So, if you haven’t tested the platform so far, I recommend that this Black Friday you invest at least in the Teasing stage of this platform to increase brand visibility, but also to reach a new audience.

Oh Snap! Did you try Snapchat?

Snapchat Ads

If the 18-25 age segment is important to you, then you definitely need to be on this platform this Black Friday!

Build a story around November-specific deals and don’t avoid using Snapchat to communicate them! Generation Z grew up with Snapchat, it’s the go-to platform when they want to take a break, interact with friends or find out new things, so it’s a platform that will allow you to reach Generation Z where it’s most comfortable for them. Communicate information about the brand, the offer and remember, dress the offers in a story.

Big ROAS and small CPAs are wishing you this Black Friday!

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