Entrepreneurship Masterclass #1 – Entrepreneurial attitude and vision

The series of events hosted by DWF in March included a high-class masterclass, branded Antreprenoria, the mentoring project of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (RBL).

The Antreprenoria branded learning and connection contexts are excellent opportunities for business people who want to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and the companies they run. Speakers at the meeting were Silviu Hotăran (co-founder Hansen Beck), Sergiu Neguț (co-founder fintechOS), Marius Ștefan (co-founder Autonom).

Silviu Hotăran pointed out that success is a function of imagination and will, and that there are three types of obstacles to success: those of the person, those that depend on the “other” and those of the environment. It is most practical to tackle the ones that are self-related first, so it is important to identify which blind spots each of us has and which are our pillars of confidence.

Sergiu Neguț initiated an example of business scaling, through the entrepreneurial vision of “other people’s work, money, wisdom” and as a CFO’s approach: how to grow a business through financing. He also detailed the steps to implement stock option plans, which offer the possibility of employee equity participation in a company and create new opportunities for staff retention, engagement and development by boosting performance.

Marius Ștefan highlighted the importance of diversification as a vector for long-term business growth, especially for businesses with a relevant market position in their initial niche. To this end, constant analysis of customers, suppliers and competitors is required. In this way it is possible to identify the essential indicator for a business model. A coherent vision is created, which can integrate opportunities emerging in the market and at the same time create flexible systems for proactive action and error correction.

Masterclass participants were provided with professional guidance for the development of business projects in an interactive learning context based on dialogue between speakers and fellow entrepreneurs in the room.

Growing entrepreneurs, Romania grows – this is the vision of Antreprenoria. These are also DWF’s values, based on responsible business, where we not only add value, but multiply the benefits and investment of our clients.

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