Big Life Trends 2023 – what are the trends in life and business

We hosted at DWF a new event in the Big Life Projects Trends series, a programme that supports people, businesses and communities to identify resources for development and harness personal and organisational potential.

Viorel Spînu – Senior Software Engineer at Cegeka, Mugurel Stan – Big Life Project and Adrian Dragomir – Founder shared their perspectives on the major trends of the current period, both in life and in business.

We are witnessing a reset of the social paradigm, where artificial intelligence is becoming a real presence and reshaping our daily lives, at work, at home, on social networks where new human tribes are making incantations to the not-so-virtuous “virtual gods” of the internet.

Mugurel Stan detailed the approach chosen by members of the Big Life Project community to the challenges posed by the use of AI. The solution? Rediscovering values, beliefs, convictions and integrating them into increasingly present human communities, acting as a catalyst for social values.

Adrian Dragomir said there will be two big waves of change in society: the first wave, the silent one, is already being started by high-tech firms. They are developing, testing, implementing and reshaping operational processes for increased efficiency and accelerated performance. The second wave will include other businesses, which do not yet see the importance of AI and will respond “noisily” to the new reality.

Viorel Spînu has generated a wide range of creative solutions live with AI software solutions. It was a powerful argument about how close the scenarios that people (still) talk about at a theoretical level actually are. The paradigm shift is happening now, everywhere, before our eyes. We’re generating it through super tools created for content writing, image and sound making, text-to-video conversions, original web design and more.

Find here thoughts and images from the wonderful new world of AI, told with enthusiasm and lucidity by genuine leaders, business people for whom business is with and about people, in an increasingly “robotic” context.

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