automate communication and sell more

automate communication and sell more

We continue our series of GoBots articles with the tool that simplifies your post order communication efforts: the Email Bot!

Keeping track of your customers manually, to send them emails at just the right time, at a certain period after the order… is impossible. With Email Bot you save resources, make it easier to retain customers and give them the impetus to come back. in the storeso that they buy.

Watch the video on this topic, and read the article below to discover the tips offered by Rebeca Moisa, our Client Manager colleague in the unosoft team.

You’ll discover how to use automation on the email communication side to get spectacular results without the need for human intervention every time.

Contents Automate communication and increase sales with Email Bot

  1. About email settings
  2. The default autoresponder templates in the platform
  3. Reasons to use Email Bot
  4. How an Email Bot works
  5. Set up an Email Bot
  6. Email Bot Scenarios for CRM Conditions
  7. Email Bot Scenarios for Order Conditions

Email Bot – your trusted helper in unosoft

This GoBot tracks orders that customers place in your store and then sends them notification emails or emails with certain promotions.

The sending conditions are based on the status of their orders, on the payment or shipping method chosen, on the value of their orders, on the customer group they belong to or their name.

1. About email settings

The Email Bot can only really work if you first take care of the general email settings, linking your account in the platform to an email service provider.

Otherwise, you can set up different email bots, but without sending them to recipients… because there is simply no sending medium set.

So, deal with the email settings first.

In the Settings section, you need to enter your email address and password.

  • It is mandatory to set a suggestive name for the email address
  • Email address
  • Email address password
  • Host and Port for sending mail via SMTP
  • Test and save the entered data

2. The default autoresponder blocks in the platform

Related to these email settings, a tip is to access the Content section of the main menu and the Email option to manage the standard emails that are sent to your customers and store administrators.

These are autoresponders that are triggered by different order statuses, and are meant to continue standard post-order communication, something your customers have come to expect before they buy.

List of clogs

On this page, you will see the complete list of email templates in the form of a table with the following columns:

  • Template – template name;
  • Event – what client action triggers the email to be sent;
  • Edit – you have the ability to change the content of the email;

Basically, these are transactional emails: order completion, order confirmation, password retrieval, online payment retries, invitations to friends, returned order, etc.

Modifying a template

To modify an email template, click the Modify button next to it.

On the page that opens, you can change the following information:

  • Name – name of the template, which appears only in the admin part of the shop and allows you to recognize the template more easily in the list.
  • Active – Choose whether or not to send this template.
  • Subject – Subject of the email that the customer or store administrator will receive.
  • Content – body of the email, which you can edit both aesthetically and in terms of content.
  • Dynamic information available for message content and title – you can use these variables to personalize the email with customer name, order number, company contact details, etc.

After entering the information don’t forget to click on the Save button.

We really recommend that you modify these autoresponders and customize them so that they convey the vibe of your store and keep customers’ attention on you.

3. Reasons to use Email Bot

  • Automate the communication process with customerswithout having to spend extra money and without having to keep records manually.
  • You can customize the content of your mail – use the variables we provide to customize the content in advance, according to identifying elements related to the customer, order, history on the site, etc.
  • Offer benefits to customers who show interest
  • Get more orders
  • Get feedback – you can encourage customers to give you reviews after a certain period of time after they have placed an order
  • Build customer loyalty – Uses variables for loyalty points, their value and history on the site to earn the trust of customers and get them to buy again and again.

4. How an Email Bot works

As soon as the set conditions are met, the bot marks the mail sending with the Waiting message.

The running process of the Email Bot also depends on the interval set by you – you can set the mail to be sent Immediately/after one day etc. The Email Bot runs and sends the mail only to your customers, who have placed at least one order in the shop.

Email Bot acts after receiving a stimulus – for example, if there is an order condition, the bot will only act after an order has been placed/ or if an older order has been saved.

In the case of CRM conditions, the bot periodically runs and checks for customers that meet the conditions in its configuration. Each order is processed by the bot only once.

The bot will send emails only for orders placed after it has been created and activated.

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5. Set up an Email Bot

  1. In the main menu, go to the GoBots section, click on the Email Bot and on the top right button Select Bot.
  2. Choose the Activities the GoBot will do when the conditions you set are met.
  3. Choose whether the email will contain products from the order, compatible products (for Cross-Sell) or similar products (for Up-Sell) with the most expensive/cheapest product in the order, other products in the store or no products.
  4. Choose whether to send a new email or an existing template, and when it will be sent.
  5. Choose the Activation Conditions, i.e. what will trigger the GoBot’s actions. You can set conditions according to CRM or Order.
  6. See Summary of settings made for the Bot. Give it a suggestive name and choose whether it should be active, inactive or active within a time range.
  7. After you have finished setting up your GoBot, don’t forget to click on the Save button so that you don’t lose the information you entered.

Don’t forget that GoBots take a little time after setting up to identify those trigger conditions, mails cannot be stopped once they have been triggered, AND they do not work retroactively on situations that happened before they were activated.

6. Email Bot scenarios for CRM conditions

  • Anniversary email – Send email based on customer name



  • Email discount – For products similar to those already ordered

  • Email discount for review

  • Email customer groups – Depending on order value

  • Email repeat customers – Encourage customers to return with orders

7. Email Bot Scenarios for Order Conditions

  • Total order – Discounts on next order

  • Customer Loyalty – Remind customers that they can enjoy discounts based on loyalty points

  • Testimonials – Feedback for in-store experience

  • Campaign Announcement – For returning customers

  • Request review – On products in the order

  • Returned order – Find out from your customer why they returned the order

How do you like the Email GoBot now?

You can use it in different ways, depending on your communication strategy, campaign plan and specific business goals.

All you have to do is think of a logical string for the activation conditions, and then Email Bot will work automatically whenever they are met.

It’s time to test the scenarios you’ve received, or even new scenarios – let your imagination run wild.

You can test and play, so that you arrive at exactly the sequence of communication that works best for you.

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