7 actions that increase the average order value in your online shop

7 actions that increase the average order value in your online shop

Do you want your online store to sell more? The solution you are looking for is increase the average order value or shopping cart.

It’s easier to convince a customer who already wants to buy from you to add other products to the cart or buy premium products more expensive.

In addition, the costs generated are lower compared to acquiring new customers. In other words, it’s worth reading to the end of this article.

We continue the series of articles that will reveal the potential of your business with the present article, the 4th in a row.

Today you will learn what you can do (concretely) to enjoy bigger orders and more profitable.

By this point, you’ve figured out how to increase your store’s traffic, contact list and customers.

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Now we move on to those actions that will help you earn more from customers who choose to buy from you.

Are you afraid you’ll end up forcing their hand?

If you take the right approach and introduce their benefits and advantages, your customers will not feel annoyed.

On the contrary, they will appreciate the recommendations you make (since the products may be better suited to their needs).

To come to your aid, we have detailed no less than 5 actions that can successfully be part of your strategy to increase the value of your store purchases.

Contents “7 Actions that help you increase the average order value in your online store”

1. Determine the average order value in your store
2. Analyze carefully the product page
3. Offer product bundles
4. Allows you to add gifts to your cart
5. Use the OTO app
6. Offer a voucher
7. Tips worth applying

1. Determine the average order value in your shop

How do you increase the average order value in your store?

The first step is to know the average order value in your online store at this time.

Only then will you know where you stand in the present and what goals to set for the future.

The next step is to set the percentage by which you would like to increase this average value. How much would you like to increase your shopping basket in the store?

Be as realistic as possible when setting such goals.

Although you can grow spectacularly, in some cases, it’s better to stay grounded. It’s better to surpass your goals than to fail to reach them.

What do you do next? You look at top products sold, also in the store dashboard.

Write down the value of the products you sell best and see if this is similar to the average order value (or close to it).

Check and orders from the shop, focusing on those that are close to average value. Go into the details of those orders and see what products have been ordered.

Which products bring this average value?

Order analysis will help you understand which is customer behavior. From here, you’ll figure out what you can do (what offers, product bundles, etc.) to boost sales and increase basket value.

It’s also helpful to know what is the cost of acquiring customers. How much does your business spend to make a sale?

You can lower these costs if you use your creativity and market in a smart way (without breaking the bank).

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2. Carefully analyze the product page

Once you have identified the products that sell best or are part of the orders that reach the average value, review the product page for each product.

Create an Excel spreadsheet in which you enter the links to all these products. Then, take them in a row and look at the product details.

What to look at?

See if the products in question are on offer, from which brand they are and how they are presented on the page (number of images, description, testimonials).

It is also recommended to see where the traffic comes from for these products. Traffic sources can be SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email, affiliate, influencer campaigns. You know best which strategies you have adopted.

Once you’ve gathered all this data, see what you can do to improve your offer and increase your basket value.

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3. Offer bundles of products (bundles)

You can bundle products to offer greater value to the customer.

So, this won’t feel like he’s paying more, since he’s getting more (more benefits/advantages).

This application works very well for packages consisting of star products and slow-moving products (which do not sell much).

This increases your chances of clearing your stock of products that don’t get much traffic.

Of course, if you also offer a small discount per pack of products, the offer will become more attractive and customers will be tempted to accept it. Everyone is looking to get more for less.

Just make sure that the product package to help you increase the value of your cart according to the set target (or at least to come close to the target). Avoid making too big discounts.

4. Give the possibility to add gifts to your cart

You can also increase the value of the basket if you offer customers the possibility to add gifts in the basket, upon reaching certain shopping thresholds.

For example: offer free shipping on orders over 250 lei or 300 lei (depending on how much you want to increase your shopping cart).

Notify users who visit your site about these gifts in the shopping cart. You can do this in a hellobar, displayed either for the whole site (on the homepage) or on the category page.

These gifts can also be product recommendationsat modest prices, made according to the products added to the cart.

A pop-up on the checkout page with these products can add value to your cart.

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5. Use the OTO app

OTO application (One-Time Offer) can have a direct impact on the value of the shopping cart.

This application allows you to offer products at super offer, when the customer is ready to complete the order in your store.

Again, recommendations must take into account that products already added to cart to arouse the user’s interest.

6. Offer a voucher

You can also motivate users to complete an order by offering a voucher for future purchases.

The value of the voucher can be between 10 and 20%, it can be offered when a certain threshold is reached (e.g. orders worth 200 lei, 300 lei) and it can have a certain validity.

Such a voucher prepare the audience to return in your store. Surely some of your customers will come back to use it.

And if you strive for a constant communication with your customers (email, messages), more and more of them will come back to your store.

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7. Tips worth applying

Do you enjoy good communication with your social media community (Facebook, Instagram)?

Do you send newsletters consistently and regularly?

Here’s what you can do to increase sales and average order value:

  • Lightning campaigns – announce on your social media accounts that a lightning campaign will take place in the next 2-3 days (you can offer free shipping, gifts, vouchers on orders of a certain value). Don’t forget about urgency (mention that the period is limited, as well as available stock) and use promotional bookmarks.
  • See in your Google Analytics account products with high traffic but no conversions – high traffic indicates that people want the product/are interested, but lack of orders may indicate a problem (need for optimization).

How to optimize a product page?

See what prices similar products have in the industry. That way you make sure you don’t charge too high a price.

Images must be of good quality and show the product from several angles (ideally, even while in use – you can use a video here).

The description should be as detailed as possible, to present both the features and the advantages and benefits offered. How does the product improve the customer’s life? What problems does it solve?

You can help yourself to the best-selling product pages.

See how they are set up and try to find the missing “pieces” in product pages that attract traffic but don’t convince users to buy them.

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