5 steps to reach the right customers

5 steps to reach the right customers

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The goal of any entrepreneur is to bring value to the lives of their customers through the goods or services they sell. But to make your contribution to the world, it’s necessary to reach those people who need what you can offer.

You need to know that you won’t always be right for everyone, your products won’t be right for everyone, and that’s okay. But you need to find those people who need exactly the things you do best and maximize your contribution to the world.

How do you reach the right customers?

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to get your message heard and people aren’t interacting with your business?

I’m Alina Hlipcă-Radovici, and in this article I’d like to show you 5 steps to reach those people who need your help the most. Remember that when you want to reach out to anyone, you won’t actually reach anyone. So all the effort it takes to reach the right clients is well worth it.

  1. Define your customer avatar

The first step to speaking to the right audience is knowing who you’re speaking to, and for that you need to outline your customer avatar.

Who are the people who buy from you? What do they have in common? Starting with these two questions you can begin to sketch your customer profile and you’ll know roughly what kind of person they are. But if you want to take it to the next level, don’t stop at the surface.

Go deep and think about this person in all the details: how old is she, what is her social status, what is her income, where does she live, what are her passions, what or who inspires her, where does she get her information from, what are her areas of interest, what is her worldview?

Answering all these questions will give you a very clear picture of your customer avatar, and you will be prepared for the next steps.

  1. Identify the customer’s biggest problem

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you’re about to focus on another: what is the customer’s biggest problem that you can solve?

Reaching the right people requires that your offering of goods or services solves a problem for people, makes their lives easier. Now that you know exactly who your customer profile is, it’s easier to tailor your offer to bring more value and reach the right people.

  1. Choose the right communication channel

If you want to communicate with your customers, you need to be where they are so they can see you and get your message. You can go for the strategy of being present on all Social Media channels, but most of the time your customer avatar has a preference for one or two networks, never all.

Keeping in mind the answers to the above questions, try to understand which communication channels your customer avatar prefers, and focus on exactly those to get a message across.

  1. Tailor your message

As I mentioned above, in marketing they say that if you’re addressing everyone, you’re not really addressing anyone. People will only listen to what you’re conveying when your message is consistent with their worldview and aligned with their values.

Use all the details you’ve learned about your customer avatar to tailor your message to make it as appealing as possible to the category of people you’re addressing.

Tell a story that supports the ideas your customer believes in, and they will listen to what you have to say and give your products or services a chance. This is the only way you’ll attract the right customers for your business, because people like to get something personalised.

  1. Use a lead magnet

Another secret to reaching the right customers is to offer them something that is of great interest to them for free, which in marketing we call a lead magnet.

With a lead magnet, both you and your customers win, because in exchange for the value you offer them, they give you access to their contact information. In this way you build up a database of potential customers, who you know for sure are interested in your field because they have already accessed a resource from you.

A lead magnet can be a free webinar, an ebook with tips & tricks in your field, a short free consulting session, or any product or service that brings a real benefit to the customer and helps you showcase your expertise.

Knowing your ideal customer is one of the first steps in a marketing strategy. As you noted above, it’s important that your actions are not aimed at a general audience, but at the right customers. In the course How to create a marketing strategy, which you can find on the Upriserz platform, we discuss how to create a marketing strategy from start to finish and we have included a section dedicated to the customer.

If you’re finding it difficult to create a concrete plan to reach the right customers, you can contact me directly and I’ll try to bring you more clarity on the topic. Reaching the right people isn’t just a fad, it’s the most important start to thriving in business.

About Alina:

Alina is an entrepreneur, marketer and idea generator.

After a corporate career for 8 years, she chose to follow her heart. Connecting people and ideas, creativity and the love of innovation were things she felt to her core and she chose to support companies and people everywhere to put their message out into the world.

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