5 creative ways to make your PPC ads better

5 creative ways to make your PPC ads better

You need PPC campaigns to promote your store, there’s no question here.

There are so many direct and indirect competitors that it’s impossible to reach new audiences without paying for ads.

On the plus side, you have multiple formats and types of PPC ads you can use.

It depends on your strategy, type of products, type of audience, etc. on which channels you choose to go: Google Ads (and which formats), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads, Spotify Ads and so on.

Today I’d like to talk a bit about the creative side of your PPC ads.

Before targeting, costs and metrics – or rather keeping them in mind – you need to deal with the content of your ads.

The text, images or videos used are the ones that actually attract attention and should drive people into the store to persuade them to buy (or what other objective you have for those ads.

Contents 5 creative formulas for your PPC ads

  1. Repeat formula in landing page
  2. Keyword formula
  3. Formula of exclusivity
  4. Location formula
  5. Authority formula

1. Repeat formula in landing page

This is a long-known best practice, but in the rush for “creativity”, we tend to forget it.

Repetition in landing page advertising plays a vital role. Perhaps from your position as an entrepreneur or marketer it seems to you that everything is repeated in ads, landing pages and thank you pages… but while you see them every day, your customer sees them only once.

Repetition is reassuring. It helps people know they’re in the right place, where they’ll get what your ad promised to deliver.

So this is one of the simplest and most effective formulas you can use. All you have to do is take the headline and subheadline(s) from the landing page, as well as the call-to-action phrase.

You can use it in search ads, but also to experiment with banner text in visual ads.

For example:

[titlu landing page]

[subtitlu landing page] [prima propozitie din landing page] [call-to-action landing page]

* All formulas are exemplified for Google Search Ads, but you can also adapt them for visuals, or for search ads you can increase the impact with extensions.

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2. Keyword Formula

To use this formula, first of all you need to know what your target market wants and how people with the potential to buy from you are looking for it.

In content, and especially in paid advertising, don’t make the mistake of talking about yourself and your achievements. You see, people search the net because they need something, not because they are curious about your business.

Here we exclude brand searches, because if they have never dealt with you before, such searches are initial, early stage sales searches.

The best way to get the public’s attention is to demonstrate that you understand them and can solve their problems.

That’s why it’s so important to analyze the keywords used in search. Once you know them, you can use them in ad text.

The keyword formula involves taking the relevant words and formulating them as a question. The ad description will be a text that responds to the needs generated by that word.

For example:

[Cuvant cheie]? Buy online at [nume magazin]

Promotion at [nume magazin]! [Beneficiu] [pentru cine] [dovada de incredere] [call-to-action]

3. Exclusivity formula

When I was little, my mother used to sell vegetables in the market in Baia Mare. Sometimes she would take me with her to occupy my time with something, so that I wouldn’t start cutting curtains for the dolls’ dresses again.

I don’t remember much about that time, but I know the show she used to put on when a customer came in and there was no queue at her stall.

If she heard a “how much do you give the peppers for?” he looked the man in the eye and said. “for ‘mneta? Just x lions”. And that was it: the customer felt special. The peppers cost the same for everyone, or maybe even less if the end of the day was approaching.

But that’s not the point, it’s that this simple exchange of lines shows a super-functional sales tactic.

“Exclusive” or “just” are two words with very powerful psychological impact.

We like to feel special, and we like to feel secure in the knowledge that there is clear proof that we have chosen well.

That’s why you can use the exclusivity formula to give your paid advertising a boost.

It lends itself excellently on the service side – “from [experti]for [experti]”, but also when you create marketing campaigns with an exclusive feature – “only for the first x customers, only x pieces in stock, offer valid until [termen limita]”.

The exclusivity formula blends perfectly with elements of urgency, a well-known persuasive principle. It’s worth trying it for search ads, but also in banner text.

For example:

Only for [cum se autointituleaza audienta ta sau nevoie unica a audientei]

[Cuvant cheie] created by [zona de expertiza]. [Beneficiu] [dovada de incredere]. [Call-to-action]!

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4. Location formula

In the grand scheme of things, people have more confidence in local businesses and those they have interacted with at least once before.

So you can use local keywords to attract attention, even if you don’t have physical outlets in each one.

It’s even more important to use them when you have multiple local stores – run different PPC campaigns depending on the geographic area, and use specific keywords for each location.

For example:

[Cuvant cheie] [orasul tau]

[Beneficiu] / [beneficiu doar pentru x] [zona geografica] [call-to-action]]

5. Authority formula

And when I say authority I don’t strictly mean your capabilities as a brand. But also the statistical numbers in your market or the numbers of your business – for example, how many satisfied customers you have, how many references in your catalogue, how many years you have been responding to customer needs etc.

A tip would be to use a specific number, not a rounded one, since if they are accurate they have more credibility.

If you have a trademark or have a unique feature, that too is an authoritative proof to use in paid advertisements.

These hooks may answer some inherent objections to the purchase. Use the rest of the available space (all of the available space) to provide other evidence covering other types of objections.

For example:

[Cuvant cheie] | [Numar credibilitate]

[Beneficii in legatura cu numarul] [Beneficiu UVP pentru obiectii/e] [call-to-action]

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Your PPC ads can perform better if you make just a few small tweaks.

Make use of the formulas I’ve provided today because, while they’re not new, I’m absolutely sure they tend to escape your notice.

As I said above, how you use them depends on your type of business, your target audience, the extra services you use to increase order value, the channel you use, and so on.

Also keep in mind that it’s not enough for ads to work. The way your site looks and behaves weighs heavily in the buying decision.

Use the capabilities unosoft platform to its full potential to generate orders and profit, so that you don’t waste your money invested in ads.

You have documentation handy for any questions you may have, and my colleagues are here for platform-related things you can’t find answers to.

Also, take the blog to the cleaners – I’ve prepared many strategies, tactics and ideas that will help you grow your business and avoid mistakes. Good luck!


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