3 months of learning? Internship at Marketing Department in Brasov

The beginning was quite hard, but I met nice people willing to help me

Of course, I had the feeling that the texts I was writing were great (what a good joke) – they were downright disastrous. At first, it was difficult to accept that it wasn’t good, but over the course of those months I learned to accept and understand that it was constructive criticism, meant to help me get better and better.

My expectation level was exceeded from the first week. The office colleagues are nice, simple, friendly and relaxed people, without any airs of superiority. The atmosphere in the office is also very relaxed – when your mood isn’t great or you don’t have enough energy, a song plays from the little green speaker that makes you feel better.

I’ve done a bit of everything

I say that my expectations were exceeded because, in my mind, the picture of an office activity was completely different – sad people, gloomy atmosphere and fancy outfits. It’s nice to realize you were wrong, but in a nice way. Plus, in those 3 months I started doing a little bit of everything: Copywriting, SEO, Market Analysis, Social Media and Graphic Design. Again, I wasn’t expecting it. I had heard stories in the past of other acquaintances who, during various internship programs, had to put down files or do all sorts of activities that didn’t help them in any way.

Once again, the saying “No risk, no gain” holds true. For anyone just starting out it’s hard, but when you see how many new things you learn and how much you develop, the satisfaction is huge. The important thing is to believe in yourself and have the ambition to keep going in the moments when you feel overwhelmed. A step is already taken, be it small or big.

If you feel you like it and it suits you, keep going down this road

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